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(y/n)’s pov 
     I was awoken around 4 or 5 am to a sound from down stairs. I opened my door to see Masky sleeping on the floor I smiled and went and got him a (f/c) blanket and pillow. After I had pulled the blanket over him I started walking downstairs carefully I stopped at the entry way of the front room listening. There was silence “well still I better go check it out” I thought to myself stepping into the front room. I proceeded to check the front room I found nothing I went into the kitchen to check and I found nothing that’s when I heard it footsteps I headed towards the stairs “Masky?” I called someone grabbed me from behind I let out a yelp that was quickly muffled by a hand. I struggled pulling at the hand but I ceased my struggles when I felt the person press a knife to my throat I felt hot breath on my neck “Go… To…. Sleep” They said I stomped on their foot causing them to momentarily pull the knife and their hand away from my throat “HELP MASKY!!!!!!” I screamed running for the stairs hearing running foot steps behind me “c’mere you little brat!!” I heard them say before I was grabbed and yanked back they faced me towards them they had a white jacket on with black hair pale white skin and a carved smile “now where were we?” He asked starting to raise his knife before Someone tackled him “oof” I heard they boy say “Masky!!!” I yelled once he got off of the boy I ran over and hugged him
Masky’s pov 
  I was sleeping soundly when suddenly a scream awoken me “HELP MASKY!!!!” I heard “wait but that sounded like (y/n)!!!!!!” I thought to myself running downstairs to see Jeff about to kill her I ran at him tackling him “Masky!!!!!” I heard (y/n) yell I got off of Jeff and began walking towards (y/n) who hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her as she laid her head on my shoulder tears streaming down her face “shh it’s ok you’re safe” I said to her I felt her raise her head slightly she gasped “M-Masky he’s getting up!!!” she exclaimed running behind me I faced Jeff “Jeff stop she’s with me” “yeah I kind of figured that out by the way you tackled me lover boy” he joked around “Jeff shut it!!” I growled “geeze it was just a joke don’t take it so hard” he said dusting his pants off “Please go” I said Jeff sighed and walking out the door said “fine fine I’m going I’m going” he said shutting the door behind him I went over and locked the door turning to (y/n) “so wanna go back to bed” she nodded and I once again carried her back to bed only this time when I tried to go back to where I was sleeping I felt (y/n) grab my wrist “Masky p-please don’t go” she said I smiled beneath my mask and laid next to (y/n) whom cuddled up to me laying her head on my chest. I put my arm around her and we fell asleep.

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