Chapter 1

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Chapter one

"Are you sure it is safe to have that amount of luggage on this small plane?" I queried looking at Daniel who had his back to the plane door trying to force it to shut.

"Yeah, Janette have faith. I know what I am doing." With a final push of his back, the door click shut. Daniel let out a sigh of relief. "You see." He pointed to the plane. "It is closed. It will be safe for us to take off. If the plane was overloaded it will not take off."

He reasoning appeared sound to me so I nodded not wanting to be the one to be the grumpy one on the trip. It was especially hard fitting in with all the other young doctors in South America, as most of them were male.

I looked over to the pilot who was inspecting the plane ticking things off as he went on a clipboard. He didn't seem overly concerned about what was going on, he saw the number of supplies we were putting in his small charter plane. One big suitcase was mine. I didn't want to leave all my belongings back at the hostel that was provided by the charity we were working with.

As we were going to go in the South American jungle to a remote village to administer vital medicine that they needed. The trip would only be for two weeks. But two weeks is too long to live my important belongings with strangers.

I jumped holding a hand to my throat when James came round to tap me on the shoulder pointing to the plane's doors. "You should get in. We are about to take off."

I nodded bending my back to get on the plane finding a place at the back. I was going to the two male doctors and the pilot. I didn't feel apprehensive at being the only female on board the five-seater plane. I was eager to get out there and meet my long-term best friend from medical school.

It was her crazy idea that we leave England to do a missionary trip to a third world country to improve our medical skills. That way when we get back home we are able to get a higher salary. At the time it seemed to make sense till we got out here and realised that benefits of having a running water, plus electricity.

I was so grateful we came to a hot country, I would not have gone pass the first night if I were cold. I buckled myself in seeing the pilot get into his seat up front. Daniel and James came in afterwards sitting on the two chairs in front of me.

The pilot closed the doors putting his headset on. "Ladies and Gents we will be flying to the Tubana Tribe. There may be turbulence ahead as a mild storm is expected but not life-threatening." He spoke on the mike, his Spanish accent very pronounced.

I tightened my hands on the seat belt looking out of the small porthole windows. The sky looked clear, no sign of an awaiting storm.

He pressed a couple of buttons, causing the plane to vibrate. I could hear the engine roar coming to life.

Daniel grinned turning his head around to face me. "This is what I am talking about!" He screamed, being a daredevil doctor. He was one of the first group of people that arrived on my first day. He appeared shy and reserved that soon disappeared within the six weeks that I knew him.

James just grunted his hands glued to the arms rest in front of me. His face pale with anxiety. I closed my eyes counting to from ten to zero, a calming technique I learned at medical school. When I reached zero I could tell we were in the air. The plane was evened out and flying smoothly. I don't know what I was worried about. Even though the plane looked old, it was still able to do its job. The one thing that I dislike about the charity that I was working with that they like to do things as cheaply as possible, maybe cutting corners in some circumstances.

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