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Are you working on a story that you would like me to review? Now’s your chance! To celebrate the release of Awaken, This is Teen is hosting a writing contest, and I’m the judge!

Here’s how it works:

Submit a SUMMARY of your story in 250 words or less here: (You’ll have to “like” This is Teen on Facebook before you can enter, and don’t worry, the app won’t post on your behalf or access your info!) Your story can be about whatever you want!

-        I’ll pick the five finalists whose work I’d most like to read.

-        The finalists will be asked to send in up to 5,000 words of their original manuscript

-      I will pick one grand-prize winner who will get a written critique of their work as well as a signed copy of Awaken

Be sure to check out the complete rules and details on the contest entry page ( I’m looking forward to reading all your submissions!

Happy writing!

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