9: Cravings ( Your POV)

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" Where the hell is it?" I yelled to myself. It's 3 am and i was rummaging through the pantry and I couldn't find it. I wanted pickles. I had been craving that and peanut butter and we didn't have either. I had probably eaten it all up. But now i was hungry and that's all i wanted. I was getting angrier by the minute , and i was getting more emotional. I started crying so loud that it woke Niall up.  Niall came down the stairs and stood in the kitchen doors looking at me.

" Baby what's wrong?" He asked as he removed my arms from my face.

"I'm hungry, and there's no pickles and peanut butter left" i cried angrily.

"Ok, baby i need you to calm down, i will go to the store and buy you some ok?" Niall said

"Ok, thank you so much. I love you" I said

" I love you to baby" Niall said as he kissed me.

He went upstairs to put on some clothes and then he left for store. After about 30 minutes Niall came back with two bags full of pickle jars and lots of peanut butter. He handed me one of each and put the rest away. I was sitting on the couch and happily dipping the pickles in the peanut butter. Niall came into the livingroom and sat down next to me and looked at me and laughed.

" I can't understand how you can eat that. Is that really any good?" Niall asked while laughing.

" You know, normally I wouldn't eat this at least not together. But since I'm pregnant I'm loving this." I said while eating.

" Can i taste some?" Niall asked

" No, this is for me and the baby" i said while swatting his hand away.

The rest of the night, we just sat up and talked about the baby, and just enjoyed each other's company. Niall really was the best husband ever. He would do anything for me, and i would do anything for him. Soon i was going to Rome with Sophia and Eleanor and i was so excited. And Niall was going to Barcelona with the boys the same week! After a while we both fell a sleep in each others arms on the couch. I was super happy and i was just over the moon about everything!

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