Training With You (part 1)

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Chapter 1

Training with You...Part 1


POV of Naruto

It's been a long day and my breathing has now become heavy. Most of my body was limp, useless, and I felt hot beads of sweat roll down my cheek as I look down at Sasuke from the tree I'm resting in.. I had been training as hard as I could today, but I had just be so distracted today. This was mostly because I had noticed that Sasuke seemed a little out of mind as well. His performance was regular, but the look in his eyes looked as if something very important was on it and bothering him. I knew everything about him. I had to.

They say you should know everything about your enemy. And that's exactly what I had done with Sasuke. He is my biggest enemy that just happens to be on my team. So I've gathered everything I could about him up. Every strength and weakness of his; I knew it. In the beginning it was difficult to gather this, but the more I learned about him, the more I began to fall for him, hard. It was like falling from Gamabunta's back once more. But this time I couldn't express my feelings of pain, for I knew I would be only rejected from Sasuke even more.

He is perfection. His fit body, his sharp eyes, the way he walks and holds himself up, the way he talks, his sleek, shiny black hair, his 'I don't care' attitude. He is the perfect assassin; quick and quiet on his feet. and that's exactly how he stole my heart; quickly and without notice until it hits you hard like a trap that kills you before you can even process what has happened.

He is oblivious, completely oblivious, to all the feelings I have towards him. I desire every inch of his brilliant perfection. Correction. I don't just desire it or long for it, I need every inch of him. It's like dangling a steak out in front of a starving dog, but you keep commanding the dog to sit. I, of course, am this dog, and sweet Sasuke is the steak. The taunt is killing me and its barely bearable.

I must try to concentrate on my training. I must become even stronger than I am now. I quickly jump from the branch, that was in the cool shade of the leaves, of the tree, do a quick somersault through the air before landing and gently landing on the ground with a small, almost unnoticeable, stomp. I don't move for a while, so not to disturb Sasuke, who is training here as well. I look over at the base of the tree I had just been in and begin to feel the trunk. It was large in circumference and seemed like a hard wood and that the tree was very sturdy. I quickly pivot on my toes before turning around swiftly to counter kick it before beginning to punch the base as hard as I can. Over and over, i pound my fists into the tree, and my mind begins to wander off into thought once more, not bothering about what I'm doing, but what Sasuke is doing. I peek at him through the corner of eye and begin to stare as he practices his different fire style jutsus. Surges of pain begin to jolt up my arms, but I ignore them for a little while to admire a bit longer. Now, my knuckles are bleeding a little, but I don't care. I stop punching to watch as my skin heals quickly to its original unscathed state, all thanks to the nine-tailed fox sealed within me. Now only semi-dry blood remains, so I drop them to my sides and go lean against the tree's base, which was now slightly dented from my fists. Again, I start staring, but now more obviously, at Sasuke. I let out a small sigh as I think to myself about how this will go on; him not knowing and me just dreaming.

Sasuke in drenched in sweat and I can tell he can barely move because of his low chakara. The jutsus he was doing took much skill and was very difficult. I noticed that his shirt looked hot and was sticking to his body and probably was bothering assumption was correct and it was proven when Sasuke begin to remove his Uchiha clothing and then his undershirt. There he stood shirtless in front of me. I took note of every little chisel in his body, every way it turned, curved, and the way his muscles shined a little from his sweat. It was amazing and as Sasuke whipped the sweat off his forehead and ran his hand through his thick, black hair, he noticed. He noticed that I was staring too much. I turned crimson red and tried to look occupied, but how could he blame me staring. Watching the beads of sweat roll slowly down his perfect figure drove me crazy.