Component 32 - Showdown

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The sun was beginning to set over the druid enclave, and nothing stirred save the scavengers already descending upon the gory display. Hero, the young druid wolf skidded to a stop and stared, not understanding what he was seeing. Chunks of flesh and meat lay around as if a dragon had exploded from eating a hedgeboom.

It wasn't until he picked up the scent of Master Hawkwolfe's robes, that he came to realize the slaughter wasn't of a dragon accidentally swallowing an gasfilled rodent. What he stood before had once been his tribe.

"No..." Hero whimpered. "Master Hawkwolfe... Sister Norseshire! Brother Bullypig!"

The druid rushed towards the nearest pack of scavenger birds and snapped his jaws, barking and snarling. One by one, he chased off the birds, who just landed again once he'd left their spot.

"Who did this?" Hero finally stopped and whispered, hanging his head.

With everything within his soul, he swung his head up and gave a mournful howl.

The birds all turned to look, for even they felt the pain of the young druid. Each bird lifted their own heads and gave their best impressions of a howling wolf; which came out more like a dying one. Still, the animals cried together, for many long moments.

After having his throat go dry and sore, he lowered his head once again, and the tears began to fall.

"Who did this?" Hero whispered again. He closed his eyes and sniffed the ground. There was a definite scent—One that he'd never smelled before.

"Who...?" Hero said, turning and looking back towards the mountain pass. The trail led that way. But something confused him, why had he not seen the killer in the Sencian Fields? Could it fly? Or even blink from one place to another?

No matter what the answer, Hero was going to find them. And demand to know why they killed his peaceful desert tribe. And why he or she deserved to live.


Angon stared with a certain level of incredulous. His father could make him alive again? How was it possible? And what did it entail. He knew he would do anything to become fleshy, skinny, and meaty. He wanted nothing more. Then Lavina would realize feelings for him! Then all would be made right.

Azteron's hand snapped out and grabbed Angon's wrist.

"But I warn you, it will not be easy. And you haven't much time." The minotaur man said.

"Why don't I have much time?" Angon asked, not understanding.

"I'm old, my son." Azteron said. "I had slumbered here until you arrived just now. How long has it even been? I cannot be sure. But I know my time is long past overdue; and when I die, those evil beings calling themselves gods will get my soul."

"So, everyone will eventually be old!" Angon shrugged. "Why does that mean you are to die?"

"You don't understand the world and how it works, I'm assuming." Azteron said. "That part of you was lost as well, I see..."

"Yes, Father," Angon whispered.

"You see, when people get old, they die," the minotaur said. "But not you. You will live forever."

"W-What?" Angon stammered. "Why do others die? I don't want to live if those I love die!"

"Then I will tell you how we will return you to your mortal body." Azteron said.

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