(Damon picks Ella up and carries her to the boarding house, he puts her in the cellar and locks the door)

Elena: (gives him a disproving look) you can’t lock her down there; she’s your sister Damon. You also can’t hurt her; you gave Elijah your word. That you wouldn’t hurt her. (Damon gives her a confused look) Jeremy filled me in on what happened. When she wakes up you can either be the good brother or the bad brother. Make the right choice Damon. Don’t make her hate you.

Damon: nice speech Elena but why don’t you take you own advice. You’re keeping baby gilbert in the dark about everything. Can’t you see? You’re growing apart Elena. Don’t interfere with me and Ella. Go talk to Jeremy Elena. Stay out of my life. You lost the right the minute you chose Stefan. You got it Elena. I don’t care about you anymore. I’m not playing Mr nice guy. I have a little sister to take care of. Do not get in the way or I will hurt you.

Elena: (starts to walk away) whatever Damon, just don’t ruin this relationship like you did with Stefan. Don’t want that on your conscience now do you.

Damon: wow you really are like Katherine, I know see the resemblance, get out of here before I rip your head off Elena. (Takes a step forward, fangs drop down and veins bulge from underneath his eyes) LEAVE ELENA!

(Elena runs out and Damon puts his vamp face away. he hears Ella stirring in the cellar, he opens the door and she shrieks in fear. He sighs and sits in front of her. She moves back as far as the cellar will allow)

Ella: w…WH…why d…di…did y…yo…you take me

Damon: I want to help you, I have to help you, I care too much for me to see you suffer and cry. I’m your brother Ella, you don’t get a say in any of this. Please just give me a chance to explain.

Ella: how do I know I can trust you, you’re a vampire, and you kill people. How do I know you won’t kill me? I’m scared Damon. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel.

Damon: (shuffles forward and hugs Ella) I would never hurt you. I will never let anyone hurt you. I promise Ella. If anyone hurts you, I will sort them out from you. What are big brothers for and as for the vampire part, I would never hurt you, you’re my baby sister. In 1864 I lost you I won’t lose you again.

Ella: I’m trying to trust you Damon, but it’ll take a while. We may be related but I’m used to it just being me and dad, having a new brother is going to be hard on me.

Damon: two brothers actually (Ella looks at him confused) Stefan’s my brother to, well your brother to I guess

Ella: (laughs) I’m sensing some tension between you two.

Damon: another story for another time.

Ella: (sneezes) gross

Damon: let’s get you upstairs and into bed, I forgot how cold it was down here. Sorry Ella

Ella: (sneezes again) it’s ok Damon.

(Damon leads Ella upstairs and leads her to a spare room)

Damon: I’ll leave you to sleep

Ella: thank you Damon

(Damon nods and leaves. The next morning he walks downstairs and starts making breakfast for him and Ella. Ella walks down stairs and looks pale and sickly. Damon rushes to her side)