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Navleen's POV

"Sanya!" I called as I prepared breakfast early in the morning.

My two year old walked into the kitchen while rubbing her eyes. She looked adorable in her red Minnie Mouse pajama set.

"I so sleepy, mommy." She looked up at me and yawned.

"I know, pretty girl. But mommy has to go to work and you have to be dropped off to daycare."

"I wanna go gramma house."

"Honey, we can go to grandma's house tomorrow. Grandma's busy today."

"Promise?" Sanya asked.

I kneeled down to her level and smiled, "I promise."

"Okay, then I'm gonna get reeaadyy!" She giggled then ran off to her room to get dressed.

I tried to offer to help out, but she never took it. She was independent for a kid her age, she liked to do everything on her own. Sanya got dressed on her own, fed herself, and even tried to shower herself. I loved that girl no matter what she did. I gave her all I could, but one thing. As much as I tried to hide it, I knew that the topic was going to be discussed soon.

I put a pancake on her favorite plate and added some bacon and a glass of apple juice. Right besides her plate, I placed mine. Sanya came back dressed up for daycare and climbed the island stool to take her seat.

"Yummy! Apple juice!" Sanya beamed.

"Better save some so that you'll have some left by the end of your breakfast, baby."

Sanya covered her lips with her hand and let out a giggle, "It's okay, mommy! There's more in the fridge!"

"Whatever you say." I wiped the bit of syrup off of the edge of her lips.

"See! It's right there!" Sanya pointed at the apple juice bottle.

"I hear ya."

She took her time finishing her breakfast then hopped off of the stool. I gathered the dishes and stuck them in the dishwasher before heading out. She asked for me to braid her simply so it would be out of her face and we left to her daycare.

I handed Sanya her backpack and she put it over her shoulders then held my hand as we walked to class. I removed my sunglasses once we reached the room.

"Bye, mommy." She pecked my cheek.

"Bye, Sanya."

"Love you." She added softly.

I don't know what it was, but the way she said it made me tear up a bit.

"Mommy loves you, too." I gave my daughter a hug.

Sanya ran off to her desk, and I went aside to talk to her teacher. Once a week I liked to have a quick chat with her teacher, Ms. Kelsey, who informed me about how she was doing.

"Navleen." Ms. Kelsey waved as she came my way.

"Good morning, Ms. Kelsey." I gave a small smile.

"How's your day?"

"I've been doing great. How's Sanya doing?"

"She's been wonderful. It's always a pleasure teaching her! You have no need to worry!"

"That's great. I'm glad to hear that."

"Oh, I'll introduce you to our new helper in this class. Her name is Teresa." I gladly followed the teacher to meet who she was speaking about.

Seeing the blonde hair and the short stature, I noticed who it was. The helper noticed my eyes growing wide, which made her look at me with her brow raised.

I extended my hand to introduce myself, but ran off to my car immediately after. This was not what I anticipated.

Colin's POV

After winning the NFC Championship, I decided it was time to head home. I planned to use this time to clear my head, and stay low profile. The best way to do that was by visiting my parents for a few weeks.

All this publicity was odd to me and as much as I tried to adjust to it, it wasn't the same. The recent occurrences only told me that I needed to figure out a few things. All I needed and wanted was a breather.


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