Author's note

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I want to say a huge thank you for all the support 'Girl & Boys' has received. I was so nervous putting it out there because it is very close to my life story (well, the life story of my 20s), so all the positive feedback means more than you could ever know.

Great things have happened since I made 'Girl & Boys' live. It became a Wattpad Featured Story and it won a Wattys 2015 Award! And that's not all... it's up for Story of the Year! To vote, go to the voting page at and click the 'Tweet to vote' button next to my story. Voting closes 31 January 2016 and you can only vote once.

I really hope that 'Girl & Boys' made you smile and that my new book makes you laugh. It's a rom-com (what else?) called '90s Queen Bee' and it's about a woman who goes back to high school in the 90s knowing what she knows now. I had a lot of fun revisiting 90s fashion trends, music and technology. Have fun checking it out if it sounds like something you'd be into! I'll be posting new chapters to Wattpad regularly.

Thanks again - you guys really made 2015 extraordinary for me x

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