Chapter 13: In Half

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Irina and Tyler's shouting match was so loud, administration had to step in and separate them. The hallway continued to be noisy with the chattering students when Jett said, "Damn, I know they're not gonna last."

"I know because I'm gonna break them up real soon."

We turned the corner and saw the principal's office swing open causing most of the students in the hallway to look. People's mouths hung open when they saw four police officers haul away Mr. Peny in handcuffs.

With his head bowed towards the ground and his clothes out of place, Jett and I knew he put up a fight.

We stood by the principal's door and heard him say as Mr. Peny was being hauled away, "Elena, your parents are coming to the school, you are hereby expelled from Shamrock High School, clean out your locker immediately."

Security Hatchet followed her to her locker and watched her clean it out as the rest of us did. She went back into the office.

Mr. Peny looked stressed as the handcuffs were tightened as they walked him out. "Bye Pedophile Peny!" Lauren waved.

We snickered and continued to head down the hallway. "Autumn, you got them kicked out and sent Mr. Peny to jail, you are too awesome," Jett complimented me.

"You know how I do what I do," I twirled proudly and remembered Vera's annoying ass. She was still suspended and would be back next week.

The dismissal bell rang, I hopped in my car, and drove home. When I got there, my mom was sitting at the desk, I greeted her, headed up the stairs, and finished my homework.

I called Mia, one of my great friends. "Hey," she answered.


"What's up with you and Scarlet? She's going around talking shit about how you a bitch and you think you all that." she asked.

I shrugged and replied, "She was distant with Jett and I so, I confronted her and she got all defensive."

I told her the rest and we got off the phone, I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

The next morning, I took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and headed downstairs. "Autumn, what's this I hear about one of your teachers getting arrested??" my father asked.

"Oh, he was having an affair with a girl I didn't like, she got expelled."

He shook his head in disgust and returned to the paper. I finished my breakfast and headed out. When I pulled up to the school, I made sure to piss Scarlet off today. I walked down the hallway, looking for her and she was talking to Mason.

Once she was finished, she walked by me and I said, "On to the next guy."

She turned around and sneered, "Oh, like you ever had one."

"Well, who needs guys when you have friends? Obviously, you need the right ones that don't tell you to murder people on a dare," I said.

"You were never a friend," she declared.

"Oh really? If I wasn't a 'friend', why did I keep that secret of yours under wraps??" I said, crossing my arms over my chest, waiting for her answer.

"You wouldn't hold it over my head if you were a friend!" she shouted.

"Well, aren't you an anxious murderer?"

"I didn't kill them," she whispered.

"That's what you think, you didn't even stick around to see if they were alive or not," I replied.

Her face paled immediately when she started looking around to see who heard.

"I may have not been there the whole time, but I knew when you called me, you were already halfway home," I whispered.

"That was four months ago," she gulped.

"It doesn't matter if it was ten years ago, you pushed someone off of their roof, now how do you explain that to your parents??" I asked sarcastically.

Who would tell their ex best friend's parents that their daughter pushed someone off of their roof, supposedly killing them?? Me, of course.

I turned around, leaving her looking dumbfounded and I made a left turn to my first period class.

I saw Ali sitting by herself texting on her phone. I walked by her, it could've been peaceful for the both of us, but she had to say something, "Tattooed ridden bitch."

"Awww, looks like you miss your teacher kissing hoe, don't you?? Well, you still have Dean, I bet he likes his exes as rebounds," I teased.

"We broke up months ago," she gritted her teeth.

They went out when him and Elena were taking a break from their relationship.

"Oh well, looks like you'll be on a dry spell for a while," I turned and left her.

The day went by smoothly and I saw Dina and told her that Ali wanted to be Elena's wife and bribed her to break it off with Dean. Dina was shocked that I told her that Ali's best friend, Roxy told me.

Dina told everyone in the hallway and they told everyone they knew. "I never said that about you!" Roxy screeched at her.

"How come everyone is telling me that you opened your huge ass mouth?!" Ali said.

"What?? I didn't say that, but the person who said that, I agree with them because you would do some shit like that!!" Roxy yelled.

Ali smacked her in the face, earning her a punch, making them wrestle each other on the floor. Roxy kicked her while punching her in the face. Stacey, one of Ali's friends jumped in and started smacking Ali upside the head. Callie jumped in and hit Roxy in the face.

The next thing we know, Dina and Mel jump in, punching, kicking, slapping, and hair pulling. The students were in awe. Security Hanchez, Mr. Joe, and some other teachers and students broke it up. I turned my head and saw Jett watching, laughing next to Scarlet. I'm not a possesive friend, but I really didn't like Scarlet at the moment.

A week later, I could smack the crap out of her and I will. Jett came towards me and and giggled, I laughed and glanced at Scarlet, who was scowling at me, I blew her a sarcastic kiss.

Jett looked in the direction I was glancing at and she knew I blew that fake kiss to Scarlet. Jett said, "Really Autumn?? Leave it alone."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the building. Since the day wasn't over yet, I see to it that I'll piss Scarlet off today. Vera was back and didn't say much. She did say some slick stuff, but I ignored her. She's irrelevant, just like Scarlet and I's friendship.

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