1# Bonus Chapter: Give It To Me Im Worth It

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3rd person view

" Hey Guys this is SarahFoxy, KingAngeloFox, GodlyDestroyer, ChicaJane, Cryoatic, Venturian, Bethanyfrye, Homelessgomba, Immortalkiodi,Markiplier---inhales---AND Pewdiepie!.... And today we are at Minecraft LITERALLY!!!! "Sarah held the camera, then Mad took it away from her

" Hi! You Fucking Forgot Me And Virus " he zoomed the camera at Virus

" Mad Fuck Off! " he yelled, then Jordan took the camera and made selfies, one he dragged Fiona to join him, then suddenly

" SHEEP!!!! " The camera showed Johnny shouting and pointing at a white sheep as it ate grass

" Oh My God!!!! SHEEPY FRIEND!!!! " Sarah and Jane yelled, the four then started cuddling Sheepy Friend,then a cow appeared in front of Jordan

" *Gasppppppppp* FATHER! " He bend down and hugged the mountain cow, Felix secretly took the camera from Jordan

" How's it goi'n Bros... This is Pew-------wowowowow-------Diepie " Felix said in the camera, he pointed the camera at Mark who was trying to climb a tree with Tiny Box Tim

Fiona snapped out of her Sheepy land and tried to take away the camera but as a Swedish male Felix is, he was a little taller than her, so she had a hard time " Mark! Catch! "

Then Mark recklessly fell down and caught the camera, he stood up and threw the camera back at Felix, this continued until Fiona accidentally fell on Mad who was fight over something with Jordan, Jordan glared at Mad

Mark walked backwards making selfies then stopped, he didn't noticed the road behind him so he started making moves.

" Mark! Give it to me!!! "

" I'm Worth it "

" A-Hole! Give Me!!! "

" Cause I'm worth it "

Fiona tided herself when suddenly Jordan yelled " FIONA!!! " he dragged Fiona as a Tree Pig attacked

" Jordan!!!! " Fiona yelled

" Run!!! Tree Pigs! They're Attacking!!! " Jordan was running while carrying Fiona bridal style. Tree Pigs oink angrily at them

" Jordan!!! What The Fuck?! "

" Ahhhh!!!! GUYS!!!! TREE BEAR........... TREE BEARS!!!! " Angelo and Johnny screamed as a Tree Bear chased him, next thing you knew Pewds was taking pics of Cry on top of a dead Tree Bear while he had a plate of pork

Mark was still making pics then, the others heard aloud noise in the middle of the woods " MARK! I Think You Should Get Out Of There! " Virus yelled but Mark didn't listen, everyone paid attention to Mark


A Speeding Bus Passed By Like Lightning.

Everyone was OAO

Mark looked like nothing happened

" What The Fucking Hell Just Happened? " Mad asked mouth wide open

Mark turned around and everyone Gasp in Disgust

Mark's Back was clean of clothes, in other words his butt was seen, yet he still didn't care and continued anyway.

" OH MY GOD!!!! " Bethany and Cierra

Mad and Jordan covered Fiona's face, Fiona covered Angelo's, Angelo covered Cierra's , Johnny and Bethany covered both their faces, Isaac and Jane just turned around, Pewds fake vomited.

Pewds and Cry walked up to Mark with gloves and a mask " Bro, maybe we should go somewhere else? "

" Yeah like the Bathroom.... " Cry and Pewds took Mark back to Gamemafalese

" Why do I feel cold all of the sudden? " Mark asked

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