Chapter 1 -Lena's POV

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When I woke up and looked at my clock I had to do a double take to make sure I was wrong but I wasn't. I got out of bed and rushed around the room getting dressed before doing my hair and brushing my teeth in the connected bathroom.

As I ran downstairs I could hear talking and knew that something must be up as hardly anyone was up at 7:30. I continued into the kitchen to start breakfast before everyone else woke up. As I was flipping the bacon and making sure the eggs weren't burning there was a commotion on the stairs before my Uncle appeared in the doorway.

His hair was messed up and his clothes were disheveled. My sensitive nose immediately picked up the smell of alcohol rolling off of him from where I stood at the other side of the kitchen. I wrinkled my nose as I scooped the bacon and eggs onto one large plates and went to place it on the table when I was stopped by my Uncle's arm stopping me. I waited for him to do something but what he did next surprised me, he smiled at me before moving his arm out of my way and letting me pass.

While everyone was eating at the table I sat at the counter and ate my toast in silence waiting for the higher pack ranks to finish so I could do the dishes.

The Alpha's and Beta's lived in the house including my cousins. The rest of the pack lived in smaller but similar houses in the large open area. The Alpha house was three stories tall and had a wrap around porch going around the entire house. The kitchen, living room, an office, a library, and two bathrooms were on the first level. The second floor held my room as well as all my cousins rooms, most of them having their own bathroom, as well as another bathroom and a smaller library. The top floor held the Alpha's room and the Beta's room as well as a large office and another bathroom. Each level had balconies for most of the bedroom's and both Alpha's and Beta's rooms also had their own balcony.

I was driven out of my thoughts by the sounds of my Aunt Samantha snapping and then pointing around the table at the dishes. As I cleaned up I was joined by my cousin Sebastian who was 20. My cousins, friends, and most of the members of my pack before my Uncle came didn't follow the old laws and so they didn't treat me like a Runt but as a normal pack member. When I was done with the breakfast dishes I was free to do whatever I wanted until I had to make lunch.

As I was heading back to my room I was called by my Aunt. When I entered the office my Aunt and Uncle were there as well as Beta Gregory and his mate Lily. My cousins were also present. Aunt Samantha motioned for me to sit down and when I did my Uncle started talking.

"I have invited my side of the family to our territory but not to this house. We will be staying at the beach houses at the edge of our territory for two weeks. The Beta's will run things here while we are gone. They are coming in two days so I have given everyone a job to do and it will be done perfectly or they will have to redo it until it is how I want it. When they get here we are setting out immediately. The adults and older kids who can shift will be traveling in their wolves while the young ones and elders as well as the ones who don't have wolves will be going in cars. Ok lets get to it." He finished by clapping his hands dismissing everyone. "Don't worry Runt I have something I need you to do." He said grabbing my arm and holding me until everyone else had left before taking me upstairs into his upstairs office and locking the door.

"What do you need Alpha?" I asked him a little worried about what he was going to do. Several days ago he had told the pack to leave me alone, as much as they wanted to get their stress and anger out they had to follow their Alpha's command. I was relieved by this but also puzzled as to why he would do this.

He had his back to me so I was caught off guard when he turned and punched me square in the shoulder. I staggered but I knew he would continue and make it worse if I showed pain. What came next was an onslaught of punches to my upper body. When he was done I was on the floor curled up to try and protect myself as much as possible but I knew it was no use. He paused to get something from a drawer in the desk. I had my eyes closed so I had no idea what was about to happen until I felt the blinding pain across my shoulder and back.

I realized what it was from the sharp stinging, a whip made of silver.

He continued to lash my back, arms, and legs until he finally stopped.

"One more thing before your done" he said.

My first thought was that he was going to mind link me the list of things he wanted me to do, but I couldn't be more wrong.

As I lay on the floor still curled up I heard his belt buckle come off before I saw the belt fall in front of me. He bent down and grabbed my arms pulling me to my feet causing me to whimper from his hands touching the open lashes on my skin. I can't describe the look on his face as he undid my shirt buttons and then undid my jean button. I wanted so bad to run but he had me in a corner and I couldn't go anywhere. When he roughly picked me up and sat me on his desk I knew that this was really happening. He undid his pants before shoving me flat on the desk and then leaning over me. I heard him completely remove his pants and boxers before putting his weight back on me. I closed my eyes so I couldn't see his face as he raped me.

When he had finished he licked my face and then licked my neck before putting his clothes back on.

When he shoved me off the desk I hurriedly put my clothes back on and ran out of the room before he changed his mind.

"This will be your job until my family comes. I want you to save yourself for me when I need you." He mind linked me when I had closed and locked my door. I put all my clothes in the hamper and got in the shower where I carefully cleaned my wounds and then stayed until I was convinced I had washed as much of him off me as possible. When I got out it was almost lunch time so I got dressed and headed downstairs where I was met by my cousins sitting together at the table talking.

"What the hell did he do to you Lena?" Sebastian asked getting up and walking over.

I sighed before answering him. "Silver whip." was all I said I didn't want to mention what he also did.

Taylor got up and carefully hugged me but I couldn't help but wince when she brushed against several lashes. "Are you ok? Silver takes longer to heal."

"I cleaned them in the shower so they should be hopefully gone in 2-3 days." I told her.


After lunch I went outside to get away from everyone else. My wolf was getting antsy so I headed into the woods where there was a tight clump of tree roots that I could crawl through. On the other side was a lake that was surrounded by brambles and more tight tree roots so no one came here unless they wanted to get hurt or stuck. I closed my eyes to shift and felt my wolf take over.

Thank you so much biggums for helping find pictures for my characters, I really appreciate it. And I hope all of you are enjoying my story.

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