So Not Cliche 12

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Hello my fellow children. It has been quite some time since Ive updated and for that I apologize o(╥﹏╥)o I went on hiatus without telling anyone. I hope y'all will still enjoy my stories with me c:

Things have been going well between you and Yukine after you two confessed. You were so ecstatic just to be constantly around, to hug him, to kiss him. Your friends seemed to be really happy for you two as well. Even Mayu and Daichi started talking and you could see the affection growing.

Everything was going wonderfully.

Until it began to crumble.

It was summer break before your third year. You didn't know what to do since Yukine went to summer classes to study even harder. You admired that, how he never gave up with his work.

While walking around the town, you found a flyer on the town bulletin board.

Lifeguard Needed!
Looking for a summer job? We have the right job for you!
After giving you the basics in first aid, you will be able to look over the swimmers!
Visit our swimming facility at xxxx XXXXX St.

You grin from ear to ear, happy to have found exactly what you needed.


"Hello my name is [L/N], [Y/N]. I would like to apply for the lifeguard position." You give the receptionist a smile.

"Stay right here honey, while I go get the manager." She says with a slight drawl and walks away. She returns with a tall buff man in board shorts.

"I'm Mr. White, please to meet you." He smiles and you recognize him as an American Olympic swimmer. You two shake hands as you introduce yourself. "So, can you swim?" He asks.

"Yes, sir."

"Then you're hired!" He grins. "I'll have another lifeguard give you the first aid lessons and you can start as soon as possible." Your eyes light up with glee and you bow.

"Thank you very much!" You exclaim, causing him to chuckle.

"Now follow me and I'll introduce you." You trail behind Mr. White and walk into a large pool room, the smell of chlorine overpowering everything else.

"Oreki Makoto! Come over here!" Mr. White calls out. You see a boy with red hair jogging over to us, a grin on his face.

"Yo coach, what do you need?" He asks when he came to us.

"Please train Ms. [L/N]. She's our new lifeguard." Someone calls out his name. "I'm leaving her in your care. Good luck Miss." The older man smiles at you before walking away.

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