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My name is Lena Lucas. I am the Alpha's daughter of The Blue Rock pack. My life was perfect until the rogue wars started. When I was seven my entire world was turned upside down when my parents were both killed in the final months of the war. My pack had no leader so my Uncle Richard, Alpha of the Red Stone Pack, decided to combine our two packs and the territories since we shared a border. Our numbers doubled from about 150 to 320 members. Tyler the youngest son of my Uncle's is to become the next Alpha. He has a twin sister named Taylor and two older brothers named Sky and Sebastian, Sky being the oldest. Since werewolves don't shift until they turn 17, Alpha Richard continued to treat me with the respect of an Alpha's daughter, but when I saw first hand how some of the shifted females are treated I grew wary to show my wolf when I did shift. As my 17th birthday drew closer I heard my Uncle say something about putting a member into a Runt category as we didn't have one. My Uncle ran the pack like our ancestors, you have two Alpha's, two Beta's, multiple Omega's depending on the size of the pack and one Runt. We had three Omega's one was my cousin Taylor, another one was one of my best friends Raven, and the other was a girl called Cassie. A Runt is the lowest ranking in the pack. They are beaten, abused, starved, and harassed by everyone.

On the eve of my birthday as I was heading to bed I heard my Uncle say something that I hoped I would never hear.

"She is smaller than normal Alpha's daughters so even if she does shift I am still going to make her the runt. She fits the category anyway, she isn't very social, she's quiet, and she like's to be alone so I might as well do it." he said to someone else in the room.

Before I fell asleep I kept in mind one thought- never show my wolf.

By the end of my birthday day I was happy about two things- I got my wolf who had a beautiful silver and white coat with a grey and white face mask and I had kept her hidden from my Uncle. He had pronounced me the pack Runt at noon and no one had done anything yet but I knew it would only get worse and it did and I knew the only way out of it was to find my mate or run away and become a rogue.

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