Rythian looked down at the sleeping princess as they flew towards the forest. Her long red hair flew behind them and her face looked so peace full. The enderborn sighed at the sight of the beauty. He didn't take his time to snap out of it. He reached a large castle that was surrounded by a large blue force field. Rythian stopped at the edge and whistled. A man with bleach blonde hair and a large white lab coat flew over to the enderborn.

"What do you want?" he asked empathising you. Rythian gestured to the girl in his arms. The scientist looked at her in awe. Then looked back at Rythian with confusion.

"I'll tell you if you let me in." He asked looking at the force field around the castle. Scientist nodded and flew down to flick a lever. The force field removed and Rythian landed in the courtyard.

"Now whats with the girl?" Scientist asked as the enderborn placed her on the grass.

"Her eyes." He simply said. The scientist looked at Zoey in confusion. The enderborn knelt next to her and placed his lips onto her cheek and her golden eyes snapped open. The enderborn stood up and looked over Zoeya. She started to panic as she looked around her eyes snapped onto the scientist who's looked fascinated by her. She leapt up.

"Where am I?" She yelled. "Rythian where did you take me? Who's this? Where's Nilesy?" She started screaming out many questions. The scientist interrupted her.

"I'm Duncan and this is my castle." He said smiling at her. The enderborn scoled at Duncan.

"I'm Zoey! Also known as Princess Zoeya of minecrafia!" She said pouting and speaking in a posh voice. Duncans eyes widened. He was about to say something when Rythain interrupted.

"Can you please just look at her eyes?" He asked. Zoey looked back at him and Duncan looked into her eyes. The gold in her eyes swirled in circles looking like lava. Duncan looked back at Rythian who pointed to his eyes. Duncan looked into Rythians eyes for a quick second knowing what would happen if he looked at them for too long. Duncan stood between them thinking. He looked back at the Princess. He scanned over her body. She looked tense.

"Princess have you ever completely relaxed? Or become completely enraged?" He asked in curiosity. Rythian looked over to her.

"Um... I don't think I've ever done any of those. I'm always tense and I don't really become angry." She sighed and lent against the wall. Duncan nodded and walked over to Rythain.

"There's something I want to try out but I need you to do something for me." He got closer to him and whispered something his ear. Rythians eyes widened in shock and looked over to Zoey. She had her eyes closed and was facing the floor.

"Fine.." he mumbled. The princesses thoughts were running wild what did they really want? "Hey Princess." She opened her eyes and looked at the direction of the voice as she did a pair of lips connected with hers. She eyes widened with shock as she saw the enderborns face in front of hers. His lips pressed against hers and his eyes closed. His arm rested on the way above them and his body leaned in. Their lips matched like jigsaw puzzles and she felt herself relax into the kiss. Their lips moved together and the princesses body relaxed completely. The scientist studied them from afar. Purple dust appeared around the enderborn which was completely normal. Suddenly the princess started to glow orange and yellow. The enderborns arms wrapped around her body and pulled her closer making her body relax even more. She glowed brighter and rods pulled out of her body. They started to spin around the both of them. The enderborn started to grow darker and purple spread around his body. The scientist noted down his recording and ran up them before something bad happened. The scientist started shouting their names which did nothing they didn't separate and the glowing became stronger. Most purple dust appeared. The scientist couldn't get any closer as they were too bright.

"Rythian! Zoey! Please! Stop!" He yelled. Suddenly Rythians purple eyes snapped open and he pushed himself off Zoey. The both fell to the floor. The princess opened her golden eyes and her body was still glowing. The rods span around her. She looked at her hands and they were glowing bright yellow. She started to panic and the glowing weakened. The enderborn sat still watching as the darkness pulled back into him. He watched as the princess glowed. She relaxed herself into the brightness as she floated upwards. The enderborn jumped up as a large yellow creature appeared behind her. Zoeyas eyes became brighter orange and her hair span around her body. Her eyes shone and her body shone yellow. The enderborn tried to reach her but her brightness was too strong. He wasn't going to let her go.

"Zoey!" He yelled at the top of his lungs as he teleported next to her. The creature tried to attack him but he dodged it. The enderborn slung his arms around the prinesses waist and her breath hitched. The creature disappeared and her eyes closed. The bright light disappeared and they fell to the floor. Zoeya was knocked unconscious. Rythian pulled her up and picked her up bridal style. He sighed at the princess. He noticed two small scars lay on her cheek nearly reaching her eye. He got there just in time. He looked over at the shocked scientist who sat on the floor. He watched the princess.

"That was much stronger than yours was." Duncan managed to say as he stood up. "We need to keep her here just in case something happens." He said looking at the unconscious girl.

"No, she's the princess she can't just go missing." Rythain replied. "I'll watch her." he said. He began to fly away but Duncan grabbed the corner of his pants.

"Don't let her out of your sights enderborn." He said watching the girls red hair in the wind. "She's the fiery creature. Blaze."

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