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Where am I? Han awoke in the dark what felt like a metal cot? He stretched his paw out and bumped into a metal bar

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Where am I? Han awoke in the dark what felt like a metal cot? He stretched his paw out and bumped into a metal bar. His night vision grew stronger as he focused in front of him. The light from under the door straight ahead was low but helped. A cage. Han adjusted his tail and peeked through the loose bars. He crouched over with his head resting on his knees. Sitting up fully was impossible as this was a large bird cage. Even more insulting Rin had put in a little mirror inside it.

Was that footsteps?

He froze. No. Guess not.

He tried picking at the padlock with his pointer claw again. Come on, open. His face smooshed up to the cold bars while trying to see inside the keyhole. The discomfort turned to pain and he sat back as much as he could without banging the back of his head.

Gripping the bars he, shook them and the cage creaked as it swung. Just stay rational. Work on the cage. He pushed and pulled on the bars testing for any weaknesses.

He breathed in short breaths, trying not to drag in too much of the stench at once. While most of it was from him, if he shifted and lifted his head to the top, he could just see a pile of something in the left corner of the room. It overpowered everything, and he resorted to breathing with an open mouth. He covered his nose with a paw though it didn't help. Shifting to the right, he stuck his toes out through the bars, relieving the pressure.

He held his tail now and stroked it. Before all of this, he'd stayed in the cozy little town living a quiet life, until they came. Will I see them again? He liked Parcivals kindness and at times obstinate determination. He'd also grown to like Merryn, she had grit and spirit. He'd even missed being called a fur-ball.

Angling his neck took effort as did straining his eyes to see the cage ceiling. Eight scratches eight days. Would they find him? Did they stop searching? He shivered and suppressed a whimper. Shameful for a full grown ocelot, stop it already.

Footsteps again.

The soft padding of rubber soled boots. His ears flicked forward as he strained; focusing on the crack of light from the door.

They were getting closer.

He pulled his tail back in and moved to the back of the cage.

The bolt of the door slid clink-clack, and the cell door opened; the light a sharp stream of white.

He covered his face in his paws. The damnable woman walked over to him, her footsteps light. Is she still there? He peaked again and she stood in front of him using a dagger to clean her nails.

"The master is ready for you now." said Rin. She unlocked the cage. Then swung the door out of the way, and pulled him out.

Before he took a step she snapped on a collar and leash. He hung his head, he'd never sunk so low. The shame!

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