¤Meeting The Twins¤

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You had always dreamed of traveling around the world, finding mysteries and solving them why and how. That all came true when you bought ticket to Gravity Falls in Oregon. "Finally! I'll be able to prove people wrong." You smiled happily as you packed your suitcase and backpack for everything you needed. 

"Check.. clothes.. Journal.. Check.." You murmured happily as you checked your suitcase so you wouldn't have to deal with not doing that already.

You smiled happily as you took your things towards the bus ride and entered it. You found a spot to sit and dragged your case over to sit on the seat. Humming to yourself, you thought, 'This will be a long ride...'

*Time Skip*

You finally arrived at Gravity Falls. The forests in there looked strange and you already liked it. You had already bought a house in Gravity falls, well depending on how long you stayed here. Maybe 2 years or so. After you were done with your researched. You were a seventeen year old girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. Most would describe you maybe geeky into your research.

But you didn't mind. 

You didn't care what other people said about you. You were absolutely fine. Though you didn't understand why this place attracted you deeply. Like bees to honey. Yep. But then again when you stepped off the bus, you didn't know the first thing to do after you left that bus stop. You face palmed.

"Crap. I forgot the map!" You repeatedly slapped yourself on the head with your hands until several minutes later you actually stopped hitting yourself. Finally you started walking off in the town as you looked around with your backpack and suitcase. You reached the nice house you spotted and suddenly remembered it was the house you bought back in (city name).

"Finally." You grinned and entered the house, which you had to admit, it was very nice and clean in the inside. Outside was pretty with plants surrounding it as well. But for some reason, you just couldn't shake off that you were being watched. Looking over at the window, you swore you saw a flash of yellow.

"Yellow.. Hm.." You muttered to yourself. Sure you liked yellow, but it was too bright for your tastes. But when you looked over there again, it disappeared. You swore to yourself and Jesus himself, (lol.) that you saw that yellow. 

You wondered why it disappeared. Even though it was there, it did look nice, but it just seemed weird now.

A yellow thingy appearing and disappearing. Wow Gravity Falls managed to make you look insane now. How upsetting. But nonetheless you shook it off and began to research, you were already acquainted with the little blue house you loved a lot now. It was so wonderful you just couldn't help but wonder, what made this house wonderful.

And you had already gotten the vivid feelings of that same watching now. Why did it feel like you were being watched?

The next morning you decided to look around this mysteriously mysterious town. You've heard of everything in it, but you wanted to know if it was true. Were there real demons there too? That was a question that crossed your mind completely fast and made you think about it, you didn't realize where you were going until you bumped into a boy and yelped. 

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Are you alright?!" You panicked.

You were sure you hurt the boy you just bumped into it. "I-I'm s-sorry! I-I'm Dipper." The boy stammered but introduced himself as you nodded sheepishly, "I'm (y/n)." Dipper looked at you nervously and asked. "Hey are you new here?" 

You nodded and gave him a small smile, "Yup! I'm starting my research just now! I moved from (city name) to here in Gravity Falls!" Dipper smiled and asked if you wanted to meet with him at his house.

"Sure." You agreed, wondering why he wanted to. You somehow didn't even notice the 'eye' following you around. "Hehe. (y/n) (l/n). A pleasure to meet you soon." He muttered. You arrived at home, it was already turning dark, oh how fast time goes in this world. 

Especially here, it's very different in Gravity falls. You ate dinner that you made from home and brushed your teeth. Took a quick shower and began dressing up in your pj's.

It was a new day, here you were just starting in this new life. Unnoticing the new eyes that just can't help but be amused by you. So much, there might be a change of heart in him.


I know its a rushed story, im sure no one reads a yandere bill x reader. Im just addding it here anyways.

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