The Return Of Mother

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Hey everyone!!! Soo I've been thinking about this. I plan on making a group on Facebook for this story. So that way I can hear from you all and have you understand why I may not be updating. I mean I hope you all will take advantage of that. I love you all and I hope you enjoy the update. Twice in one week!! And I know the song doesn't exactly fit with what is going on in this chapter but I love this song so much and i just figured I'd share it. 


Julian's POV

    It has been a rough go with Scarrlette. She has been a huge mess of emotions for the past few weeks. I mean I love her to death but sometimes it scares me. She was nervous for her upcoming appointment, she hates hospitals and now that she was pregnant she would be in them a lot more than she would ever hope. And what made things even worse was she was still having problems from when Ashton beat the shit out of her. I still wish I could hunt him down and make him pay for ever hurting her. 

     I was sitting in my room waiting for Scarrlette to get back from the mall. She had insisted on looking at baby clothing now and she also wanted to look for an apartment off of campus for the fall. I had been cleaning the room I was in for once when I heard a knock on my door... More like a forceful pounding, but it didn't phase me. What did phase me was opening my door to find my mother standing there glaring at me.

    "Mother! What are you doing here?" I yelled in shock.

   "I came to meet the whore that you got pregnant. She has no right to carry your child." My mother said, shoving past me into the room.

    "Mother, I haven't gotten anyone pregnant. Now your other son on the other hand almost killed a woman."

    "Now why would Ashton do that. He was the one who told me of your mistake. You might as well own up to it now. Lying isn't a good habit to have, it can get you into some serious trouble. Especially when it is about having sex and ruining your reputation on some one night stand."

    "Mother! I am telling you, I didn't get anyone pregnant. Ashton came to the college a few months back and raped my girlfriend. She was raped and beaten by him and then we found out she became pregnant because of it. If anything, you should be proud of me for fixing your son's mistake. I am the one taking care of Scarrlette and I am the one who is going to be the father figure of a child who isn't even mine to begin with."

    "Now, why would you ever accuse your brother of such a thing. He has never done anything wrong to you, he has been nothing but kind. Just because he is younger than you by several years doesn't mean you can put the blame on him all the time. You are 27 years old, you are clearly old enough to own up to your mistakes and fix them on your own."

    "Mother, I think it's time you leave. I don't want you coming here anymore. You have been doing this to me ever since Ashton was born. At this point the only connection I have with you is the fact that we share the same last name. You and Ashton have been ruining my life. And now that I finally found a girl worth keeping I am not going to let you ruin that. Now please leave before I call security."

      "I still expect to see you at family dinners. If you don't show up then don't expect to be included in the will. You will still act as a member of this family and will do as I say because I am your mother."

   And with she walked from the room, I slammed the door shut behind her. I was now extremely angry.. Angry at the fact that my mother would have the balls to show up at my room and call me out on a mistake that wasn't even mine to begin with. I at least had the courage to take on a challenge and a problem that wasn't mine. I swear to God if this kid ended up looking anything like my brother I was going to kill him. I didn't care what would happen if I did kill him, but I wasn't going to stand by and watch a child look like a father who will never be there to help raise this kid.