Only Kyle

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Angels are spirits, but it is not because they are spirits that they are angels. They become angels when they are sent. For the name angel refers to their office, not their nature. You ask the name of this nature, it is spirit; you ask its office, it is that of an Angel, which is a messenger."

- Augustine

 "Tell me."

 He shuffled his feet slightly, but sighed after a few seconds.

 "Just please...don't be mad."

 "Mad?" I asked. "Kyle, I could never be mad with you."

 He smiled a boyish cute smirk and took a deep breath. He wiped the smile off his face as he exhaled slowly.

 "You asked for it."

 He stood still, but something slowly started to emerge from behind his back. It was coming from behind his legs...something white was slowly rising up. As it raised to his elbows, it was bigger. It was white, and almost...glowing. If that was possible for a teenage boy. It stopped moving at his shoulders, and it spread out on either side of him.


 "Angel," I breathed.

 Kyle had two, fully-stretched, beautiful sparkling wings appear from his back. They were huge. They both must have been about six feat long in length, and they made his shoulders looks tiny. They made all of him look tiny.

 I gulped and he looked slightly nervous at me, but covered his worry with a crooked smirk.

 "I told you," he shrugged. "You asked for it."

 As he moved, his wings moved with him, sending ripples throughout all of the sets of feathers. I could have sworn I saw some sparkles shake.

 "Can I...?" I asked, reaching out my hand slightly in a motion to touch them.

 He nodded and I took a few shaky steps towards him. I didn't take my eyes off the feathers as I approached, still in complete disbelief.

 This was not possible. Kyle does not have a pair of wings attached to him and is standing in front of me in all his godly glory. H-He just can't, I mean, nobody has them. There are...inhuman.

 Was Kyle...human? Maybe I'm just dreaming about this whole situation...maybe I'm just hallucinating, and none of this is actually real. That was rational, right? I should just pinch myself and I would be awake in no time.

 But even if I was...I didn't want to.

 I hesitated my hand a few inches away from them, almost frightened to touch them. I gulped, and delicately touched the feathers. I had quick intake of air when I made contact, fully aware that they were actually there and I wasn't just imagining them like I had thought.

They were so soft, like silk or duck feathered pillows. These were real feathers. I moved my fingers over them carefully, feeling them brush in-between my fingers and some of the sparkles dust on my skin.

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