The LycanThrope.

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More vulgarly known as 'the Werewolf' is a man that has the ability to turn into a wolf.

There are many varieties of what a lycanthrope looks like. Some think they are a half man-wolf creature that is stuck in a half morphed form (top left) where as contrasting views are an over sized wolf and an oversized wolf with a rage issue. (Lol I'm so sad!)

Lycanthropes have had a big effect on culture, modern and prehistoric. For example, a lot of wattpad books and books in general centre around lycans as the idea of mates.


Ok.... Phew.

Werewolves have also been used in films and TV shows- Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Grimm.

Although in Grimm they are known as Blutbad (said Bloot Bott) but they too were vulgarised as the big bad wolf in the Grimm tales. It's awesome. Watch it!!

Lycanthropes live in packs, much like normal wolves and their pack hierarchies are basically the same.

Alpha- male leader of the pack.

Luna- female leader of the pack.

Beta- second in command.

Gamma- Third in command. Not many people know this and tend to call them Thirds or TIC's. (Third in command).

Warrior wolf- doesn't really need any explanation, basically a middle grade wolf.

Omega- the lowest rank of the pack, usually depicted as slaves or servants who don't hold much value, nay, none.

When Lycanthropes shift, they tend to go through a sequence of popping, creaking and disjointing bones.

As for when they shift, it varies really and depends on your story or film etc. sometimes they shift when an enemy comes into range if their territory (twilight). Other than that, age has a lot to do with The First Shift.

I've heard ranges from first born to 20, but usually it averages around 16-18.

It's common for high ranking members to shift earlier than the norm and lower ranking members (betas) shift later in life and in some cases never.

Rouges are wolves that live outside the pack. Or so you thought. Many rouges live in family groups (packs) making them not rouges, simply bad wolves as they still have alphas, warriors, beta etc.

Rouges are in fact two-five friends who travel together. A lone wolf is either someone who travels solely alone or someone who just self-identifies as a wildcard.

You may or may not have heard of the Moon Goddess. As in traditional tales Lycanthropes only shift on a full moon, but as stories become more and more popular, traditions are breaking and lycans can shift whenever they want. But they still feel the pull of the moon.

The Moon Goddess is a Divine Force who is known as the creators of Lycanthropes. Their God, Allah etcetera etcetera.

It's their religion if you like, and they follow what they believe the Moon Goddess wants or has planned.

The Moon Goddess also creates mates.

A mate in general terms is a spouse/sexual partner/lover whatever you want to call it. Soul mates more commonly known.

It's a popular description that 'the first time you see your mate, you fall instantly in love with them. You have an overwhelming urge to protect and make them forever happy.

When mates mark each other, they are claiming each other and making it known to others that they are taken and already have a mate.

Recently I've found out one of the most original and pivotal stories in the creation of Lycanthropes. The Story of Lycaon. First of all, you must know that there is ancient Greek custom where you must let in strangers into your home, or you'll be punished by the gods, this is known as 'Xenia'.  Lycaon was King of Arcadia- in the most popular version of the myth, he tested Zeus (King of Olympus, and God of lightning) by serving him the roasted flesh of Lycaon's own son, Nyctimus, in order to see if omniscient*. In return for these gruesome deeds, Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf and killed Lycaon's fifty other sons with lightning bolts. He also restored Nyctimus's life.

Omniscient means all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing.

I think that's all. If I think of anything else I'll update the chapter. Hope it was alright, comment, vote, follow please.

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