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Thank you to AnonymoulyBeautiful for my beautiful cover.
Dedicating this book to BruisedBodies2755 since you wanted this book. :) Enjoy.

"Mommy look my tooth is almost out." I said wiggling it back and forth. I kept doing that until it came out completely.

"Go rinse your mouth and brush your teeth out baby. Remember put it under your pillow and the tooth fairy will come and give you money. Now go." My mom said and I walked into the bathroom. I rinsed my mouth with water until I stopped bleeding. I brushed my teeth afterwards and I went to bed. I grabbed my tooth and I put it under my pillow. I kept moving around because I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in. Finally I went to sleep.

+3 A.M+

My eyes fluttered open when I felt my pillow move I looked around until I saw a man with curly hair and a blue tutu. He looked funny. He saw me staring at him and he tried his best to hide behind the curtains but I still saw him.

"I could see you," I said giggling, I got out of bed and I went over to him.

"You weren't supposed to see me." He said and stepped away from the curtains.

"Are you the tooth fairy?" I asked him curiously.

"Why, yes I am darling,  what is your name?" He asked.

"My name is Kellin." I said to him.

"What an interesting name." He said.

"What is your name?" I asked him.

"You will find that out soon enough. Now go to bed, I will be back don't ever tell anyone this happened okay." He said and I nodded my head.

"Okay," I said and smiled at him.

"Okay, now go to bed Kellin before your mom comes to check up on you." He said and lead me to my bed. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead.

"You promise I will see you again?" I asked him.

"I promise," He said and with a wave of his hand he disappeared instantly. I smiled to myself and went to sleep.

On that day Victor Fuentes promised himself he would be back for Kellin Quinn on his 18th birthday.

Hope you guys liked it. I'll try to update this book soon.

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