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Welington Almeida Pinto

At 14h the 1st of January 2011, the headquarters of the National Congress, Rousseff was sworn in as 36. ª President of the Federative Republic of Brazil. At the ceremony, as the first female representative in charge, insisted in his speech to coin the term President, as if to reinforce the fact unprecedented in the country: a woman as head of homeland.

The words from the mouth of Dilma surprised, like a bomb, the head of Portuguese speakers. Linguists bothered entered a tailspin, astonished. It is not right to change the terms right from wrong, both here and in Portugal, or any nation that uses the Latin language.

After hearing the word encafifante on TV, he was right, I was intrigued to sleep, thinking about the next day clarifying everything with the help of the holy dictionary Caldas Aulete. My luck is that as soon as I lay down to sleep falls into the arms of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams.

During sleep, who asks me? Nothing less, nothing more than the specter of teacher Aires da Mata Machado, one of the largest and most respected philologists of Brazil. In the dream we were sitting opposite each other in my room Apartamente, casually. He, as before departing for the afterlife, smiling and friendly, looked at me as if he knew the sons of Hypnos, Ícelo Fantaso and the fact that intrigued me both in the grammatical sense.

Anyway, was there to clarify and put an end to lexical confusion that caught many by surprise good world. Without doing to beg, was soon clearing:

- In my opinion, this controversy with President Dilma would be a tangent and circumstantial aspect of his victory at the polls.

- So she's right? - Asked.

- No, of course not - warns the teacher. - Despite wanting to overstate the position of women in politics, the word president never existed.

- Sure.

- Historically, in 1885, our language had to bend a woman odd, the pioneer and transgressive Chiquinha Gonzaga, who went on to lead a symphony orchestra, breaking a taboo. The newspapers had some difficulty in reporting the fact because there was the feminine Maestro. Considering this fact, the term Conductor was created and inserted into our language. Get it?

- Yikes!

- So, it will be now that the President will dicionarizada word order of a President of the Republic of Brazil. Has the lowest appropriateness.

- No?

- Claaaaro not. Ask her if she was estudanta while studying?

- Will not respond, obviously.

- My son, in Portuguese as the active participles are derived verbal. Forgot?

- Well, well ...

- The active participle of the verb is attacking striker. Singing is singing. The there is existing. And so on.

And with an air of cunning Aires full:

- When indicated someone with ability to perform the action that expresses a verb, is added to the verbal root suffixes ante, entity or interested. Get it?

- Got it.

- Therefore, the person who presides over the largest of the republic's President. And no president, regardless of gender.

- Yes, sir.

- Placement is appropriate to say mortuary chapel, chapel and not ardenta. Student, and not estudanta. Teenager, and not adolescent. Patient and not pacienta. Clear?

- Totally.

- Look, nothing would sound worse than writing a sentence like this: ... 'The president behaves like a little adolescent pacienta who imagines he has become Eleganta to be named representanta Brazil in Gaia.

Laughs. The teacher takes his forefinger to his forehead and concludes with more humor:

- We hope to see it someday 'sorridenta ardenta a chapel, as this dirigenta politics, among many other attitudes barbarizentas, has no right to violate the poor Portuguese, just to be satisfied.'

- Thank you, professor. Thanks.

- Well, boy, it's time. I'm getting now.

- Huh?

- Excuse me cacophony.

- Sure. Sure.

- I think it is necessary to descend to the ground with this terrible dislike our rich Portuguese, is not it?

Before I could answer, all chipmunks, dismisses spectrum airesnino:

- Adema because horse ... not down the stairs, the old Ibrahim Sued awaits me for our weekly prosinha.

Hail, hail Aires!

* Note: Aires da Mata Machado was Professor of Portuguese grammar in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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