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Daehyun's reluctant hands made their way over to his window's lock keeper. His fingers trickled with fear, gripping tightly at the handle, as they slyly moved sidewards, unlocking and opening it, letting the cold night breeze kiss his face not too lightly.

He was scared, definitely. But he knew he just had to do this.

Youngjae was out there, probably alone and he knew the little lad better than anyone else.

Youngjae didn't like being alone.

He was easily frightened with the slightest details of his surroundings, like how the wind would send him shivers, how the dark would crawl all over him, how the bush on their neighbor's lawn would rustle probably due to some animal lurking there.

And for him to be facing all that alone especially.

He knew under Youngjae's tough facade layed a small child that needed taking care of.
Sure, he wasn't much older, not much wiser, nor stronger but it was his responsibility to take care of his best friend. Though it wasn't like he was told to take care of him. It was solely his decision and probably the most firm decision he's ever made for himself. He's decided that for as long as he could remember.

Speaking of decisions, he had to be sure. He had to decide if he really was going to go through with this. Looking down, It was quite a long fall.

But the more he thought about it, the more he thought about Youngjae, the more he let the realization come to hit him.

What was even there to decide about?

Carefully, he let his right foot pass through the window and felt the rough concrete against his skin.
Once he was sure the foot wouldn't go unsteady, he let his left foot join in and before he knew it, he was outside and on his roof, sticking his hands on the wall sides shakily, but sure enough, securely.

The air was cold, the wind blew roughly, making him rethink his decision about going on the roof. But then, there wasn't really any other choice, was there? Because he was sure if there was another way, he wouldn't be freezing his butt cold right now.

Luckily, the tree branch had grown long enough for him to get to, making his travel from the roof to the tree with little to no trouble at all.

Though, unlike the usual trees he'd climb with Youngjae, this one just outside his room was not on the list for climbing. His mother had specifically told him not to climb this tree because it was too tall and the risk of falling down was higher than any other tree found in their property.

But.. She didn't say he couldn't climb down from it, did she? She only said not to climb up. Daehyun wasn't climbing up! He was climbing down!
So there was no reason for his mom to be angry at him for disobeying her.

Okay, so he basically ignored her order on not letting him go out to help find Youngjae..
But it was for a good cause!
What did she even expect? For him to be sleeping soundly in his room while his best friend was out there missing somewhere?
He was not going to let this pass through! What if Youngjae's mother found Youngjae and she'd scold her non-stop, making Youngjae cry so much while he wasn't there to comfort him? What would Youngjae think of him then?
He couldn't afford a rift in their friendship.

But you know... more than anything, he thinks it wouldn't matter if Youngjae gets scolded and cried if they can't even find Youngjae in the first place. Oh he wished so much, with all his heart for his best friend's safety to be in tact. He'd give up anything just to make sure he was safe. Anything.

Daehyun carefully climbed down the tree. It was very dark and the leaves bugging on his face really weren't much of help. He hopes he won't disturb any animals sleeping there, especially squirrels. Daehyun wouldn't know what to do if a squirrel jumped on his face just like in the cartoons. Usually, he'd laugh at those kind of scenes but imagining it happening to him.. that didn't sound very pleasing. He was halfway down the tree when his foot landed on a weak branch, it breaking almost immediately. Luckily his hands grabbed on to a strong branch, igniting some sort of relief in him as he hoisted himself up

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