The Prologue

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Blood and the sound of my screams shrieked in the night like a shard of sharp glass cutting trough silk. My body crawled itself on the forest floor further and further away from the palace. No one could see me like this, I reminded myself. My whole body trembled and my whole soul felt drained, this transformation was harder than I could ever imagine. The pain was only increasing, the pit in my stomach was expanding and developing into something more, something unknown.

My head was shouting and screaming at me and my thoughts were overwhelming. The moon in the sky lit up the night so bright, so when I glanced at it, it seemed as if it blinked back at me. I bit my hand so hard to quiet down the cries, that blood oozed out from the teeth marks. My eyes constantly shut and opened themselves when the pain faded and then came back full force.

My body was turning itself into a wolf. I could hear the bones in my spine break and alter into another creature other than human. I did not even dare to look at my hands or feet when I crawled towards the grand spring further away from me. And I was so sure what to do when I got to that water. I was going to slip down into the water, and then don't come back again.

The pain and anger I suddenly felt were too much. Just the sound of bones breaking in my body made me alarmed and uncertain. The feeling of pain, the feeling of agony made me feverish and exhausted. Just a few meters more, I promised myself. Then I'll be there. There wouldn't be a big possibility that I would survive when I would land in the cold water, the possibility of surviving would be a close number to zero.

When I was close enough to the spring, I grabbed the edge and dragged myself forward in pain. The humiliation of someone seeing me shift would kill me. My hands landed in the water and I felt the freezing cold water harshly caress my skin. My left hand followed my right hand into the water and soon half my body was in the lake. It was so freezing that it burned my skin, making me melt inside. I felt the water affect my body, mixing hot with cold.

I laid my head down in the water and screamed loudly when my body altered into a wolf shape. It's over, it's over soon.

How could this happen? Females weren't supposed to shift. The gene only passed over to males. This was so odd so I knew... I could tell no one of this. If I survived trough it, that would say.

When I felt my heart beat decreasing and my pulse slowing down, I sighed content. My body stopped moving and I fell into the water. I was now a wolf. What did this mean? Why did the Goddess do this? And why did she do this to me? I could no longer breathe, and my body was fighting me, begging for air. I coughed before I looked through the water and saw the shape of the moon once again, like a silent reminder of my transformation.

My body wouldn't move, but I could feel four legs, fangs and wet fur. Through the water, I heard footsteps from my left. I grabbed ahold of the bottom of the spring quickly in doubt and tried not to move. My heart beat increased as the transformation to human automatically began. My body knew of trouble, so on instinct, it provided me with safety. I heard his voice, silent through the water. He had found me.

I had been caught.

And I sure was dead now.


And so the wait is over.

That was the prologue of my new book! I really hope you like the idea and the way I write my books.

If you haven't figured it out already:

THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK TO THIS STORY CALLED 'ALPHA OF THE NORTH', so you should really read that one first before you read this book.

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I appreciate all votes and comments, it makes me update faster as well, knowing you like what I write. So thank you for reading this little thang.

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