A and D (36)

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It turned out, Aaron was right – and so was Dwayne. Once I stopped caring what other people thought of me being with Aaron, things naturally became easier. Some people thought it was sweet, others said that they already saw it coming.

Anyhow, I didn’t want to talk about them any longer. Like I said, I didn’t care what they thought about me anymore. They were just not worth my worry.

Dwayne wanted to keep our “little chat” at the Izod Center a secret. I was still thinking if I should, because if told Aaron, he would flip. And if I didn’t tell him, it wouldn’t feel right. So I had decided to tell him when the time was right – not sure if that time was soon, though.

I forgot to mention that the Stallions were the 2011 State Champions! Woohoo! Everybody celebrated it for a month, including the teachers and the Principal.

But it was soon replaced by the talk about the Senior Prom. Everyone was even more excited about it. It was all about who was taking who on Friday night and what dresses were still available at Macy’s.

Yes, Prom was this Friday night already. And today was Monday. I was actually glad that Aaron hadn’t asked me to Prom yet – because if truth be told, I had no intention whatsoever on going.

But like always, I spoke too soon.

That night, Aaron came over to watch a movie with me in the living room. Mom was in the kitchen, while Dad was in his den with Mr. Ford. They knew the routine. Nobody bothered us when we were watching a film. We got too cranky and unfocused.

Tonight’s movie: Armageddon.

Ding Dong!

“I’ll get it,” announced Aaron, standing up. And I let him.

I couldn’t believe that he offered to leave at this part of the movie. Fine by me – this was one of my favorite parts. Ben Affleck’s character was saying goodbye to Liv Tyler’s. They were singing the song “Leaving on a Jet plane.”

Aaron arrived with four boxes of pizza. He placed them on the table, removed two boxes, and went to the kitchen to give them to my Mom.

While I kept my eyes on the screen, my hands moved to the boxes left on the in front of me. I frowned when I felt an envelope on top. I looked at it, and then ripped it open. It was addressed to me, anyway. Then, I froze when I pulled out two tickets rather than a letter.

They weren’t just any tickets either. They were Prom tickets.

“Come to prom with me?”

I almost jumped at Aaron’s voice. He returned to his seat beside me and grinned childishly.

I admit that he wasn’t the most romantic guy on earth. But I could not help but think this was sweet. And even though I hated to say the words that were roaming around my head, I had to tell him what I really felt.

“A,” I began carefully, “you know that prom is not my thing.”

“But prom is once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he reasoned.

I shot him a look. “Yeah, it’s so ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ that you also attended the Junior Prom last year.”

He won Prom King, too. No doubt it would happen again this year.

He pouted. “Okay, but you only get to be a senior in High School once.”

“Thank God for that.”

He didn’t answer. He just stared at me with a calculating look.

“Alright, let’s settle this on a game,” he declared. “If I win, you’ll go to prom with me without questions asked.”

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