Chapter 1: Nothing shocks you like a bullet hole

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Hello frens! I'm back with a new fanfiction!

This will be my second book. It's a Joshler fanfic again, because I just love Joshler. I have never seen a war/army Joshler fanfiction before, and I had a lot of ideas for it, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I hope you all enjoy it! I'm not neglecting my other fanfic, but I will update a little less than I used to.
Enjoy the first chapter of my second fanfic!


Tyler was holding the small hand in his own tightly.

His hands were sweating and he was wiggling his leg. He was excited and nervous at the same time.

"Daddy? How long do we have to wait?" The little boy next to him asked.

Tyler looked down.

"Just a little longer, sweetie. Daddy will be here soon", Tyler answered him.

The little boy smiled and nodded, holding a 'welcome home' balloon in his other little hand tightly.

Tyler was waiting for his husband Josh to get back home at the airport.

Josh served in the army. He would be away for six months, they thought. Because of a war and some heavy complications back in the country Josh was sent to, it has been two years.

Two years.

Tyler and his son, Jimmy, hadn't seen Josh in two years.

But today, that was going to change.

Because today, Josh was coming home.

Jimmy was four years old now. He didn't understand why his daddy Josh hadn't come home for two whole years. Tyler tried to explain him every night, and he kinda understood, but not fully.

It hurt Tyler to see Jimmy missed his daddy so much.

He missed Josh a lot too.

When Jimmy was only two years old, a year and a half after adopting Jimmy, Josh was sent away with his troop.

In the year and a half before Josh was gone for so long, Josh had only seen his son 6 weeks.

Little Jimmy arrived at their home two days after Josh returned from his second time of six months as a soldier in the army. Twelve days after, he was sent away for six months again.

Then he came back for two weeks, two weeks with Tyler and his little Jimmy, and he was sent away for six months again.

Then he came home after six months again, he was two weeks at home, and got sent away again.

He thought he'd see his husband and his little boy after those six months again, but he was wrong.

Josh had spent a total of 6 weeks with his amazing son, and he hated it. It was way too short.

He was scared Jimmy might even not recognize him, after two years.

And what about Tyler and Josh?

How would Tyler react when he saw Josh again?

In those two years they could write each other letters, but it took ages for them to receive each other's letters.

And they have only been able to skype twice, in the first year, on their birthdays.

In the second year, except for the letters, they didn't speak at all.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Because of the fact that it had been two years now, instead of six months, Josh had served his four years in the army and he didn't have to go back ever again.

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