Family and Relationships

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Father: Corey

Mother: Susan

Amount of Siblings: 4

Amount of Sisters: 1

Amount of Brothers: 3

Sister: Krista

Brothers: Dustin, Dallas, Deven

Dustin: He is my oldest sibling. Currently at the time of writing this he is in the national guard. Should be starting college soon.

Kendra: I'm the second oldest child. Currently finishing up senior year of high school.

Krista: She's the next oldest after me. She is in high school currently.

Dallas: He's the next oldest after Krista. He is in high school currently.

Deven: He's the youngest. Currently in 8th grade.


Relationship Status: Engaged

Fiance: Jason

Children: None



(1.) My parents named girls with K's and Boys with D's.

(2.) If Dustin was a girl his name would have been China.

(3.) Dustin is technically my half brother but if I ever actually hear you say that. I will hurt you : ) Not going into details. Hes my brother end of story. No one cares about his stupid sperm donor.

(4.) Deven was the only planned for child.

(5.) Dallas used to want to be in the cop field for his career when he was younger.

(6.) Deven used to want to be a dentist.

(7.) Krista and Dallas are actually twins, but hardly look alike.

(8.) Krista was born 6 minutes before Dallas.

(9.) When my mom says she has twin they guess me and Krista. When she says they are a boy and a girl they guess me and Dallas.

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