Beautiful day

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Including: Allydia (AllisonArgent/LydiaMartin), Berica (VernonBoyd/EricaReyes), Dackson (DannyMahealani/JacksonWhittemore), Malira (MaliaTate/KiraYukimura), Scisaac (ScottMcCall/IsaacLahey), Sterek (StilesStilinski/DerekHale)

Everybody is alive and it's not really set somewhere, maybe end of season 3? But Derek has still his powers and Scott is a normal Beta.


Scott's PoV

It was a pretty quiet day. For the first time since forever there was no villain or other danger. Everything was fine so we spent the day like we always do it, when it's quiet and warm.

We were in the woods behind the Hale house at a little pond and doing nothing.
at least that was what I did.
I just laid in the grass my head in Isaac's lap. Isaac just sit there staring at the pond and playing with my hair. By the way Isaac and I are together since nearly half a year now.
I look to the pond, too and see Lydia. She is reading while her legs hang into the water, next to her sat Kira cross-legged also with a book. Lydia threw an annoyed glance behind herself to Erica, Boyd, Allison, Malia and Jackson, because those five were making a lot of noise while running around with water pistols. From my observations I could tell, that it was a boys-vs-girls match and the girls were about to win. It was great that everyone in the pack had found their special one.

I was happy with Isaac after I screw up with Allison and Kira. But they were much happier now, because Allison was now with Lydia and Kira was with Malia. Even Erica and Boyd were together since Kira mistook them for a couple and they realized she was actually right. And Jackson realized after Lydia dumped him, that Danny and he were much more than friends. Danny would also be here, if he wouldn't be on a trip with his family. He also was pack.

Our pack isn't like all the other packs. What started as a newly bitten werewolf teenager with his best friend and another werewolf, was now a pack with an alpha, five Werewolves, one Banshee, one Kitsune, one Werecoyote, one hunter and two humans. Far away from normal.

"Guys! Keep it down!", shouted Stiles. "Yeah!", came back from the five, who continued with their water fight, but this time more quietly.

That was actually one of the best parts of this pack, my best friend was in it, too. Stiles was leaning against a tree near the pond, actually Stiles was sitting between Derek's legs, while leaning against Derek, who lean against the tree. I wasn't sure what Stiles did, but he had a bunch of papers and was constantly writing or drawing something, I couldn't really tell from where I lay. Stiles seemed really fascinated from whatever he did, Derek on the other hand was nearly asleep, maybe he really slept. His arms hang loosely around Stiles waist and his head was buried in Stiles' neck and his eyes were closed.

In that moment I nearly understood why Lydia and Kira kept saying that Stiles and Derek were so cute together. Stiles always seemed like a baby animal, because of his hyperactive self and Derek looked more relaxed and maybe for Lydia and Kira it looked cute. Also it seemed like their both smiled more often when the other was around. It was hard to tell if Stiles smiled more often, because Stiles was a person who smiled often, especially when nothing was there to harm the pack, but Derek barely smiled, so everybody saw that Stiles made him really happy.

It wasn't a bad thing, after everything that happened in their lives, every single one of them deserved a little bit of happiness.

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