Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I stared at the computer screen, too scared to press the button on the computer screen that would finally put the first chapter of my novel up on Wattpad. Wattpad is a growing e-book community online where published and unpublished writers can read and share their original stories. I had been reading others' stories on Wattpad for years, but I had always been too afraid to write and post my own stories. Today I was taking my fate in my own hands by posting the first chapter of my novel.

I had always been a closet writer, writing poetry and short stories secretly in my room. I ran with the popular kids in school, and writing poetry, especially if you were a boy, was seen as not being so cool. I am known as Hushwriter123. Shutting my laptop, I took a deep breath and got up from my desk. My best friend, Douglas was supposed to be here any moment now, and I hadn't yet told him about my writing escapades.

A short time later Douglas let himself into my house, and I heard him running up the stairs towards my room. As he burst into the room I wasn't prepared for the football tackle that he had planned for me. At 5'11 and a whopping 168 pounds, I crumpled under Douglas' 6'2 278 pounds of sheer football muscle. I wrestled Douglas off of me, stood up and playfully kicked him in the rib cage.

"Let's play some Black Ops," I said as I brushed myself off. I turned on my Playstation 3 and dove for my black game controller. "I got first player!"

"Fine man," Douglas reached into his backpack and pulled out his wireless red Playstation 3 controller and turned it on.

Douglas and I can spend hours on end playing video games. Usually Douglas would bring over his Playstation 3 too, and he'd hook it up to my smaller television. We'd dominate the other online players of whatever game we were playing at the time. Because today was the last day of school, Douglas was going to be staying over my house for the weekend. This was the tenth year anniversary of me moving to this small straw town, and of this decade long tradition. Douglas and I wanted to party it up, but neither one of us had gotten our driver's license in the mail yet. Plus, my dad was working late tonight, so we just played video games until we passed out while we were still playing.

The sun was blinding as it streamed through my window and splashed on my face. When I pried my eyes open, I saw Douglas lying on my bed. I couldn't see his eyes, but by the snores that emitted from his head, I could tell he was in a deep sleep. I had passed out on the floor, controller still in hand. I wiped the drool from my face, took a shower, brushed my teeth, put some clothes on, and sat down at my computer. I don't normally get on my computer, I mean I have Twitter and Facebook friends, but video games are my thing. Always has been since the first Playstation came out, and always will be.

I checked my email and saw that I had gotten twelve emails, and they all were from Wattpad! I clicked on the first one that read, "Alarue1991 commented on your story" I clicked on the 'click here to go to your story' button and anxiously awaited for the website to load. I scrolled down, and before I could get to the comments section, I noticed that forty-five people had already read my story. I scrolled down and read all the comments. They were all encouraging and very nice, except one. I stared at the page; this was exactly what I was afraid of.

Alarue1991 commented: This is the worst story on Wattpad. Learn to write if you're going to post something on Wattpad!

I grew angrier as I read the comment. Finally I decided to write this person a private message to give them a piece of my mind.

Look, I don't know who you think you are, but you need to not be commenting on people's stories like you have no soul. If you didn't like the story, you didn't need to comment. It's as simple as that! Learn some damn manners before you decide to comment on other peoples' work.

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