Daddy's Little Girl - Short Story

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Hi guys this is my first short story so let me know what you think :)

Beep... Beep... Beep ... with the sound of the heart monitor I worried if this will be the last time I get to see my father. I sat on the hardened chair beside his bed as the nurses came in and prepped him for surgery for the last time. The two nurses spoke softly outside the door respectfully to me and my father. I moved my attention to my father who lies silently in the hospital bed wordlessly gazing at the ceiling. I glance at his eyes and see the distress and suffering that this brain haemorrhage has cause him over the years, nonetheless he kept going, especially once mother left two years ago, he placed my health before his. Tears began to make their way to my eyes; I glided my hand over to grasp his, once I grasped it I placed my other hand on top and held on with all I had left within me.

“Thank you dad, for everything you’ve done for me. I love you.” I struggled to push the words out of my mouth.

“Isabella you know I would do anything for you, you are my only daughter”, it came out barely as a whisper however I strained my ears to hear ever single word, and cherished each and everyone. 

“Dad about mum....”I began however was quickly interrupted by Gale. Gale is one of the amazing nurses that have been looking after my father all these months.

“Sweetie its time” I slowly looked up to her to see she was already looking down at me with sympathy.

“A few more seconds... Please” as inaudible as it was Gale understood and gave me a quick nod as she turned to wait outside the door in the hallways. I slowly stood without taking my hands away from my already fragile father.

“All these years you have taken care of me by yourself, and I know it wasn’t easy but for today dad I need you to do one thing for me, just one.... don’t worry about me, take care of yourself and don’t be stubborn... please for me” I sat on the side of the bed and removed my hands form his clutch, however quickly replacing it with a hug, “I love you daddy, and just let the doctors do their job”. I slowly and carefully pulled back from the hug to hear his reply.

“I promise, I’ll make it through this” and as always he gave me the biggest reassuring smile he could, however this time I saw straight through it, I could see deep within his chocolate brown eyes he was scared, scared of the outcome that if more plausible, and scared at how I will be if by chance he doesn’t make it. Using the last of his energy dad brings two of his fingers up to his lips and softly touches them to my forehead and softly whispers,

“I’ll always be with you, even if it’s not in the way you want baby girl” I give I'm my best smile then turn to the door and call Gale to let her know we have said our goodbyes. I watched him as he then slowly turned his head to look out the window to the clear view of the ocean as the sunset began to set.

I turned slowly with and said the words I have always regretted “Gale you can come in.”

The two nurses that were standing outside the door come in without granting a glance towards me as they come and take my father to surgery. I was too preoccupied with them moving my father that I didn’t notice Gale coming to kneel beside me, once I did I watched her as she came closer.

“Isabella, I know I have mentioned tis before but I need you to understand there is a very high risk of complications of a surgery like this one. You must understand that.” I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be so kind-hearted however Gale always surprises me.

I was slightly shocked as I began to comprehend fully of the ricks of the surgery as I said the only intelligible words I could manage, “I understand” They came out rougher than I though.

With that Gale rose and removed her hands from mine and started to leave.

“Take care of him in there.... Please” I said it with so much passion and love it stopped Gale as she walked.

“I promise Isabella” I nodded back to her and forced a smile. Once gale had left I turned and walked sluggishly over to the window, and sat on the hardened still looking out towards the ocean that was slowly being to reflect a light ray of sunshine all around to warm the hearts of those whom have suffered. When the light rays reached me and contentment and understanding of what has been forfeited. I look towards the dazzling accentuate view of the sunset reflected onto the ocean. Without realising tears began to stream down my face as I recall the words my dad just said... as they may have been his last.

I woke with a startle as there was a knock at the door. I removed my face from the window to turn to look towards the door. Hope... betrayal... abandonment... the feelings all comes back as I see her standing at the door. She looks just as she had two years ago, only the slight show of age around her eyes.

“Mum...” I couldn’t say anymore, I was too shocked so I did the only thing I could... I ran to her and gave her the biggest hug I was afraid to let her go as she might disappear again, fresh tears running down my face as all the feelings I kept to myself out.

“I know baby, I’m so sorry I left, everything’s going to be alright now” she had tears of her own softly falling from her eyes as she help me as tight as she could.

“I have some bad news to tell you...”I quickly looked at my mother it gave my whiplash. Those were the words I didn’t want to hear. I knew this was going to be bad news just by her tone of voice, it was filled with mournfulness.

“Izzy, your father... he didn’t make it through the operation. I’m so sorry baby” no, no, no... This can’t be happening; he said he would make it though. My legs wouldn’t hold me standing any longer as I fell to the floor. I was angry at him; he knew how much I needed him.

“NO! It’s not true... it can’t be true” no she’s lying, it’s not true. “He promised”

The End 

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