Kidnapped (a Shizaya fanfic) rated R

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Shizuo groaned, slowly rolling over, noticing his hands where bound behind his back. He began frantically trying to brake the ropes but it was useless, he looked around, sniffing the air "FLEA!" He screamed out, recognizing the wretched stench as no other then the one person he hates most, Izaya Orihara.

Izaya walked out of the shadows with a playful pout on his face. "Oh Shizu-chan, you're so mean, must you scream such cruel nicknames at me every time we come in contact?" He slowly walked over, gently kicking the side of the tightly bound Shizuo. "Are you having fun trying to brake through those ropes? I bought them special just for you Shizu-chan, even with you special strength there is no way of escaping these" he smiled happily "oh isn't this game just so much fun?"

Shizuo growled under his breath "let me go you stupid louse, this is kidnapping you know!?" He struggled more, managing to sit up and get a good look around the room, it was Izaya's. Shizuo examined everything, from the bed to Izaya's signature jacket hung on the door "why did you take me here?"

The now overly excited Izaya smiled at him "you haven't gathered it yet, oh poor slow Shizu- chan. I thought you would have guessed by now" he said with a playful wink "you truly are cruel" he teased before walking over, motioning for him to stand. Shizuo slowly stood up, easily towering over the small Izaya who grabbed his arm and swiftly threw him to the bed

"What are you doing!?!" He screamed

Izaya softly put his his finger to His lips "shh Shizu-chan, just play along, I promise you'll catch on soon" he whispered before taking a pair of scissors and starting to cut through his vest "you won't be needing this" he said with a smirk.

Shizuo's eyes wides as he struggled harder "don't cut that!" He screamed

Izaya continued, after he was done with the vest he began on his shirt, these clothes are so annoying, the cover your whole body" he parted the white shirt, revealing Shizuo's smooth chest, he leaned down, softly licking his neck "mm you taste as nice as you look"

Shizuo shivered softly, biting his lip so he wouldn't gasp "don't use my body against me" he said harshly

Izaya smirked "so your sensitive huh?" He asked softly before slowly begining to kiss down his body, causing a faint moan to escape Shizuo's lips

"D...don't he said again, get off of me you stupid flea" his breathing quickened as the smaller boy now got down to his zipper, licking him softly before slowly pulling it down with his teeth and undoing his button "p...please don't do that" Shizuo begged

Izaya ignored him, pulling of the pants and throwing them across the room before slowly moving down the black boxers, licking up Shizuo's length "god, your so big Shizu-chan, and already this hard?"

Shizuo bushed and gasped "it's your fault!" He said angrily, looking away, "your just a sick bastard aren't you, you enjoy this?"

Izaya smirked "very much so" he teased before slowly stripping himself down before crawling on top of the vulnerable Shizuo, kissing him deeply "you have no idea how long I have waited for this" he whispered against his lips "and now you are finally all mine" he began grinding himself against Shizuo, causing him to gasp and moan loudly, over and over.

"P...please untie me" Shizuo begged "I promise I'll do whatever you want just make the throbbing stop"

Izaya smirked "attaboy Shizu-chan" he said, slowly Rolling him over and untiring the ropes before rolling him back, leaning down and kissing him deeply as he ever so slowly lowered himself onto Shizuo's swollen member. "Oh gosh Shizu-chan, you fill me so well" he moaned breathlessly, as he began moving up and down on top of him. Shizuo began thrusting in turn, placing his hands on Izaya's slender hips, resisting the urge to take over in fear of injuring his fragile figure. He moaned, staring at the boys face, it was attractive, he would admit that. He began thrusting a little harder causing Izaya to moan and throw his head back, "Sh...shizu-chan s...slow down, I feel like I'm going to burst"

Shizuo smirked to himself, rolling them over so he was on top and Izaya's small legs where wrapped around his waist, he began pumping faster as he grabbed hold of Izaya's throbbing member, starting to stroke him "and what about now?" He asked with a grin

Izaya moaned "I...I'm coming" he said before covering his mouth to muffle out his scream as he came hard against his own chest, the noise setting Shizuo over the edge as he came hard inside of him before pulling out and collapsing to the side of Izaya, breathing heavily "I still hate you...louse" he mumbled as Izaya cuddled innocently up to his side "don't be so harsh you know you loved it Shizu-chan" he mumbled, burring his face into Shizuo's chest he then looked up and smirked "round two?"

"Only if you promise it stays between us" Shizuo said with a slight grin on his face.

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