I sat in my black Range Rover that was parked a few houses down from my love's house.

I want, I have to have her, I taste her on my lips.

I zipped up my raincoat as I remember what Chris told me before.

She will never love you...

Feeling my temper starting to rise I shook my head like it was going to shake away the flashbacks. Once I felt claimer I hoped my car to do my nightly routine.

Watch her as she get ready for work...

I ducked behind a few brushes trying to get myself in my own spot at the side of her house that I made a few months back.

Once i was comfortable in a plastic chair with a tent set up near by brushes i pulled out my binoculars, I admired her glowing beauty that looked so indulging that I hope for the day I'm balls deep in her.

She looked so beautiful....

I lick the salty rain water that drip on my lips as I reminisce the touch of her soft lips connecting to mine.

I need to have her, I want her in my arms.

Without second guessing I drop everything and took the first few steps making my way to her door.

I was a few more steps away from her door until I step and broke a stick.


I run from her house realizing what I could have done to not her, but to my plan to have her.

Dammit I'm so stupid...

I didn't stop running until I got to my car.

Running my hand over face thinking about her, and her body, but more importantly her love.

I blow it..

I brought my car to life as the radio started to play a song (mm) that become my theme song by the time I drove pass her by house.

One day I'll have you my love..


So this is a quick preview into chapter 1, I'll be able to give a full chapter sometime of next weekend.

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