Chapter 1: I'm only human

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It was currently midnight, and Ryuzaki was still up working on the Kira case as usual. He was typing something on his laptop as a soft snore came from beside him. Sadly, he looked over to the sleeping boy next to him.

He sighed as he remembered the events that took place earlier that day...

(Ryuzaki's POV)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once again, Misa was being annoying and complaining about how she never had any time alone with Light. I ignored her insults and just grabbed the piece of cake I was originally trying to get.

"What's wrong with you?" Light suddenly spoke up. "I thought moving here was supposed to help us catch Kira, but ever since we've moved here you haven't seemed very motivated."

"Not motivated...?" I mumbled, more to myself than anything. "You're right. Actually, I'm depressed."

"What for?"

I explained my thoughts to him about him and Misa being Kira. Of course, neither of them seemed amused. After all, I was just accusing of them of being Kira... again.

"But for right now, we don't know exactly that that's the case. Cheer up, would you?" Light concluded, sounding a bit annoyed by this point.

"Cheer up? Sorry, I can't. It's probably better I stop trying so hard. At this point we're basically putting our lives on the line for nothing. Yeah, it's just a waste of time..." I decided, sighing softly to myself.

"Ryuzaki..." Light said.

"Huh?" I mumbled, looking at him. I regretted looking almost immediately.

As soon as I looked up, he raised his fist and hit me square in the nose, sending me flying into the wall across the room.

"Um, yeah, that really hurt you know..." I said groggily, rubbing my nose.

"That's enough! You don't feel like doing anything just because you were wrong and I'm not Kira!" Light shouted, pissed.

"Okay, I phrased that wrong. I meant, that it would pointless to make a move so we shouldn't."

"If we don't chase Kira, then he won't be caught! If you were just going to give up in the first place, then why'd you involve all those innocent people!?" Light exclaimed once more, quickly walking forward and picking me up by the collar of my white shirt.

"I understand... but still, whatever the reason," I twisted out of his grip, turning around and quickly positioning myself I swiftly managed to kick Light, and it was his turn to go flying.

Unfortunately, we were still connected by the handcuffs, so when he went soaring into the back of the couch, I did too. The couch made a loud thump sound as it flipped over, bringing Light and I along with it, grunting as our bodies collided with the wooden flooring. Apparently, we somehow also managed to knock over a couple chairs in the process.

"Look, it wasn't my deduction that was wrong. The fact is, I can say that 'Light Yagami is the first Kira' and 'Misa Amane is the second Kira,' but it won't be enough to solve the case. That's why I was a little depressed. I'm human, am I not allowed to feel like that?" I growled, sitting up and looking Light in the eye.

"No, you're not. Besides, listen to yourself! It's like you won't be satisfied unless I AM Kira!" Light was back to shouting again.

"I won't be satisfied unless you're Kira...?" I started. "Well, that may be true. Actually, now that you mention it, you're right. I think I wanted you to be Kira..." We were standing, except now Light's fist was once again on my eye.

"... As I said before, an eye for an eye, my friend. I'll have you know, I'm a lot stronger than I look," I grunted out, turning around and kicking him once again.

Light staggered a little, then regained his balance and yanked on the chain connecting us, pulling me back towards him he grabbed my shirt once more and we stood there, both ready to punch the other. Before we could, though, the room's phone began ringing, breaking us apart from our fight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's when the memory ended. In fact, my nose still hurt a little from when Light-kun hit me. I frowned a bit on the inside- thinking that Light would actually hit me.. it made me feel, sad? Yeah, I guess that's about right.

I averted my attention back to my laptop to work on the case, but I couldn't concentrate. Sighing, I looked over to the boy next me. He looked so calm now while he was sleeping compared to earlier.

I shook my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts. I looked at the time on my laptop- 3 a.m. I knew I wasn't going to be able to think clearly for the rest of the night, so I shut the top of my laptop, carefully placing it on the nightstand beside me. I laid down on the bed, relaxing and letting my thoughts take over.

'I'm human. Am I not allowed to feel like that?!'

'No, you're not!'

The words still rang inside my head. They upset me a little. I guess to everybody else that just because I'm a seemingly emotionless detective, I'm not allowed to feel. 'Cause everybody always forgets, that in the end, I'm only human...'

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