CHANWOO ~ Halloween

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Note: Guys, I'll be on hiatus for like 5 days. Next update will be Hanbin on Saturday ;) take care!



"It looks like you swim into a pool full of flour. The Grudge? Or Sadako?" F/N asked me with a chuckle. I brushed up my hair while looking around.

"Both, I guess. Wow, how dare you to laugh at my costume? Take a look of yourself. You just dressed like Sailor Moon how funny." If she gave me a chuckle, I gave her a freaking laugh.

"Whhhy! it looks cute." She played with her long wig. I scratched my thighs. Ugh this long white raggy dress is so itchy.

"Want some wine?" F/N offered me. I shove my hands away saying a no.

"I don't drink any kinds of liquor!" I shouted cause the music is getting louder and louder. Our field is so wide but the music covers the whole field.

"I'll just go to the restroom okay?" I shouted again. She nodded and I quickly disappeared.

I walked inside our building again going to the ladies restroom.

It's quite dark in here cause all of the students are in the field, enjoying the party.

I stepped inside the restroom and did some retouch. I really look so white and my eyeliner is really dark. But still I look fab.

After I fix myself, I went outside the door. I stopped for a minute because of the footsteps I am hearing.

"Is thete anybody here except me?" I said and waited for someone to reply but I expected nothing. I raised my shoulder and continued walking.

When I was about to turn left, I saw someone with creepy costume!

"AAAHHH SHIT!" I screamed and almost fell down when he or she or whatever grabbed my arm.

I got trembled for a second and stood up straightly like nothing embarassing happened.

"Sorry. I was just... scared." I said without looking at this person. His or her mask is sooo scary like hell.

"Sorry too if I scared you. I didn't know that someone else is here too in the middle of the party." HE said. It's a guy's voice.

He caught my attention when he removed his creepy face mask. He shook his head to mess his hair.

Inside that creepy head mask is a handsome guy. And he's so tall. I haven't met him before.

"You are?" He asked. I tried to look away but I can't.

"______. A girl afraid of monsters." He and I chuckled. He stucked out his hand in a greeting gesture.

"I am Jung Chanwoo. A monster that ______ is afraid of." I smiled and held his hands. I felt some electricity.

"You know what, even though you got a lot of make up on your face, I know that you look so beautiful." I didn't expect that at all. What kind of sorcery is this?

"Um... uh... thank you. I should go back there now." I motioned.

"Let's go?" He asked. I just nodded, don't even know what to reply.

I went back to F/N who's talking with the other guys.

"______! Why you took so long!"

"Nothing. Don't mind me!" I shouted again.

"Chanwoo!" F/N called Chanwoo as he went on our table.

"You know him?!"

"Yes! He's my cousin. You already met each other?!" I am really pissed off because of the loud music. My throat is tired of shouting.

"We just met a while ago near the hallway!" Chanwoo answered F/N's question.

"Wow cool! You two look good with each other!" She shouted something but I didn't heard it. I looked at Chanwoo with an asking face about F/N said but he just smiled.

"What did you just say?!" I asked her again. She just smirked and chuckled.

"Nothing!" I looked at Chanwoo again and he smiled.


"I need to go now F/N. It's already 10 pm. See you next week." I waved at her.

"______! Can I take you home? It's dangerous for a girl like you wandering in the streets. So, can I?" F/N nudged my elbow while waggling her eyebrows.

"O-Okay. Bye." I looked at my wonderful friend who's secretely giggling.

Me and Chanwoo can't even look at each other. One street away before I get to my destination.

"Is it okay if we become friends?" He asked, breaking the silence.

"I don't see something bad if we become friends." I smiled at him.

"So this is your house?"

"Yep. Small but peaceful. You gotta get going now. It's getting late. Take care as you go home."

"I love your concern for me huh." I glanced away. I don't know what he is saying.

"Whatever. And oh, don't show me your creepy mask again okay or else..."

"Or else what?" He smiled with a chuckle.

"I'll hate you." I said.

"Hahaha I'll haunt you later. I will sneak inside your bedroom. Bye bye." He winked at me before turning around, walking away. I just smiled like an idiot.

"Take care Chanwoo!" He faced me again for a sec, waved at me and winked again.

"Now I hate him for making me feel this feeling." I said and went inside my house.


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