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Before i begin i would like you to let me know if youd like me to continue this so i would be inspired to write more. I want this to be a long book. Ily all. ~M.A

Taking a walk at night? Thats a wonderful idea....if youre crazy. Alfred F. Jones wanted to walk around the night, he had recently gotten into an argument with Arthur, so he wanted to cool down before somebody got suckerpunched, and im sure noone wants that.

The night seemed cool, a bit windy, but cool, and fresh. Barely any stars were shining, it looked like the sky was so black that even if the stars tried to shine they would be tiny specks of dim lightbulbs. Surprisingly, Alfreds neighborhood was quiet at night, in fact it was quiet most of the time (except the 4th of july). The streets were clean, the streetlights shined above. Everything was calm, everything was fine, everything was......perfect.

Alfred mumbled to himself. "Jeez, this is nothing like any other place ive been, last time ive walked in an place like this, it was......shít, i cant remember. Prolly a long time ago" There Alfred was off again, talking to himself like he always did. He didnt know why, but doing this made him feel...happy. Or maybe the fact that he loves his own voice. Alfred was cocky like that. It annoyed his friends alot. If he had any- im kidding he has a few.

As he found a park bench he sat down, brushing his golden-brown hair out of his (beautiful) face. There wasnt much to do at night, so youd figure a man like him would easily get bored, naw, all his entertainment came from looking at the beauty of where he was. (And videogames) Yes, he didnt seem like the type of guy to like this kind of stuff, but he's a nice guy.

So he stared up at the sky

And the sky cried down.

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