Chapter One - Tour Life

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*One Year Later*

Bella's POV

I sprinted down the dark hall, sputtering for air and trying to ignore the tightening feeling in my chest. My heart pounded in my ears and heavy bass sounds echoed around me.

"Bel, turn left!" Tyler screamed at me and I took a sharp turn left and realized we were heading towards the main stage in our attempt to escape Josh and Ashley.

I shivered as the cool air hit my skin but I kept running, Tyler only a foot ahead of me. We had been running from them for at least twenty minutes, and they still weren't very far behind.

It all started when Tyler and I decided to pull a prank on them, but now they each had a bucket full of ice water and Tyler and I were just in our bathing suits while it was only twenty degrees outside.

I could see the lights from the mainstage now, and I could hear the sounds of Brendon screaming at the crowd. Tyler yanked on my arm, pulling me forward and out onto the stage.

The fans screamed, and the guys turned their heads towards us and laughed as we shivered.

"Come here you little shits!" Ashley shouted from behind us and before I could even attempt to run away, she dumped the bucket of water on my head. I gasped and felt pieces of ice slide down my skin and collect in a pile at my feet. Josh poured his bucket on Tyler's head and he had the same reaction as I did.

My whole body was starting to go numb, and I was visibly shaking from how cold I was.

"OH MY GOD!" Tyler screamed louder than Brendon was singing and pulled me into a hug. We were both shaking, attempting to get a little bit of body heat from one another.

"Jesus christ, look at these two." Dallon commented while Josh and Ashley still continued to laugh at us. "Are you guys cold?"

"No!" I yelled sarcastically and Brendon walked towards us and put an arm around me. He put his jacket on my shoulders, gently gave me a kiss, all without words. I smiled at him and Tyler pouted.

"Why didn't you give me your jacket, babe?" He whined and the crowd laughed.

"I'm sorry, I was just trying to make sure my wife didn't get hypothermia." He said and made us all go backstage after that so he could finish the setlist.

Jenna, Tyler's wife and my best friend on tour besides Halsey, forced me and Tyler to drink hot chocolate once we were in the dressing room while she laughed at how stupid we all were.

"Okay, we're even now." Ashley said but I shook my head.

"Tyler and I are gonna get you back, and you're gonna regret this." I said and she laughed, unconvinced.

"Okay." She agreed sarcastically and sat down with Josh on one of the couches in the corner of the room.

After another forty minutes Panic! came offstage and we headed back to the tour buses. Panic! got their own, as did Twenty One Pilots, but Halsey and I had to share one. Of course we were all mixed up. Brendon, Halsey, Josh, Zack, Jenna, Tyler and I were all on one, Dallon, Kenny, and a few of their managers on another, and I didn't even know who was on the last one.

"I bet I can beat you back to the bus." Halsey told me and I shrugged off Brendon's coat and tossed it towards him.

"Bring it on." I said and we both stood next to each other. I was still in my bikini, and she was wearing skinny jeans and a crop top.

"Three, two, one, go!" She counted down and I sprinted like my life depended on it while the guys cheered us on from behind. I ran towards the exit door and bursted out. It had started snowing, and I tried my hardest to ignore the cold. I saw the tour bus and immediately ran into the warmth inside.

"Holy fuck." I breathed and collapsed into the bunk Brendon and I shared. I grabbed my phone and rolled under the covers, waiting for everyone else to come in. Ashley made her way in slowly after me, and climbed under the warm blanket with me. We were cuddling, but I didn't even care, I would cuddle anyone because I was that cold. We went on Instagram and posted a picture, and then scrolled through my texts.


Connor the Tree: No seriously, Troye and Tyler and being gross come save me.

Philly Cheesesteak: Do carpets have feelings??!

"Oh my god." Ashley laughed and I nodded in agreement.

Once the other guys and Jenna came onto the bus, we separated and went over to the lounge area with the couch. I sat down with Brendon and we shared some french fries.

"How are you still in a bikini? Put on some damn clothes!" Jenna yelled and threw someone's shirt at me.

"Okay mum." I said sarcastically and pulled the shirt on over my head before I realized it was Josh's.

"Ugh gross." I sighed and Josh gasped.

"I'm not gross!" He shouted and I raised my eyebrows.

"Uhuh." I hummed sarcastically and Ashley rolled her eyes.

"Stop being mean to my boyfriend." She said and I shook my head.

"Make me." I said and she lunged towards me and I jumped up and ran towards the back of the bus where the bathrooms were. I locked myself inside and sat down in the shower, laughing as Ashley started banging on the door.

"Come out of the damn bathroom Bella!" Josh and Ashley screamed at the same time and I rolled my eyes even though they couldn't see me.

"No! I have my phone with me I don't need human interaction!" I yelled back and tuned them out and started a FaceTime with Connor.

"BELLA!" He yelled and I laughed.

"Come take me back to LA, Connor, everyone's scaring me. I'm just a smol bean trying to live my life." I fake cried and he chuckled.

"I'm sorry, but I'm hanging out with Troye and Tyler." He said and I pouted.

"I feel so left out." I fake cried again and he rolled his eyes and quickly said goodbye before I could even say anything. I put on a sad face and pouted as I walked out of the bathroom and collapsed on the couch across Jenna's lap.

"Help me." I whined and she laughed.

"With what?" She asked and I groaned and rolled onto the floor.

"I don't know." I said quietly and went on my phone. I went through my Snapchats. I took a bunch of pictures and added them on my story, soon after throwing my phone into the bunks.

I laid down on my stomach and felt someone sit down on my back.

"Who the hell is laying on me?" I asked and I heard Brendon laugh.

"Me." He giggled and I rolled my eyes and rolled over with him still on me.

"Get off." I pouted and felt myself starting to get sleepy.

"Why?" He asked and I closed my eyes.

"I wanna sleep." I said and he nodded and stood up, but pulled me up with me. He grabbed my hand and lead me back to our bunk. I climbed in and he slid in next to me. I nuzzled against his chest and listened to his slow heartbeat.

"I love you." I heard him mumble quietly before I let sleep take over me.

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