5. Brick by Brick

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Chapter Five

Kylo POV:

His helmet clattered to the floor as he turned away from her (before he did anything rash), marching stoically into the center of the room. "Come, Rey," he ordered briskly. "Stand here with me."

He felt her presence behind him before he turned his head to the left to look down at her. She was waiting, looking up at him with a raised eyebrow. "What are we doing?" She asked.

For a time he paused, for the light radiating from her stopped his tongue. How could he kill such a good, beautiful creature? How could he snuff out the light of the only person he had ever known who had been abandoned in the same way he had? Neither of them had parents. Not anymore.

So Kylo paused and he looked down at Rey, whose very name represented the goodness, the light, in her heart. But there was something else inside of her. He could feel it--a sort of inky blackness that could, at any time, make her lose her footing and fall down the path of the dark. The path he had walked down.

"Close your eyes," Kylo said. "I want you to learn to handle the Force. It's a delicate thing, and a powerful weapon, and I need you to know how to wield it.

"Close your eyes," he repeated, and she obeyed. "Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the Force. You are the Force. It moves through you. You are one."

A pause. "What now?" Rey asked, her voice little more than a whisper.

Kylo stood in front of her now. "I am going to try to look inside your mind now." He paused, waiting for her to object, but she merely pressed her lips together and nodded. Waiting. "I want you to resist me."

"Like I did before?"

"Yes. Like you did before. But this time, I want you to control your power. You used too much last time, which is why you were able to search my head. This time I want you to concentrate on forming just enough power to counter my search."

Kylo leaned closer. "Imagine a wall you are building, brick by brick by brick. . ." He trailed off then, his voice fading away. Because over her shoulder, he saw the helmet he had never taken off for anyone else willingly forlorn on the floor.

She hasn't asked, not directly anyway, either time for him to remove it. But she had hated him with the mask on, both times, and somehow this girl hating him was enough to make him want to get rid of the protection the helmet offered.

"Brick by brick. . ." Rey repeated quietly, almost whispering, trailing off slowly as he had done.

"Yes. Are you ready?" Kylo managed to shake his head and focus on the task at hand. He put away those thoughts for later.

Rey nodded, breathing in and out.

"Let's begin," he said, and somehow in that moment, looking down at Rey, he could not raise his voice to the deepness, the gruffness, of what it usually was.

And so Kylo closed his eyes and pushed deeper and deeper into her mind. Images swirled around him, blurry and painful and he tried to reach out and take one. Just grab one memory. A simple one. One Rey could resist. He was not supposed to torture her, after all.

He leaned closer and grabbed the one nearest to him.

And then he was standing in the middle of the desert. An onlooker on the scene in front of him. Lying half buried in the sand was an old AT-AT, Rey's home. Rey appeared from behind him, walking through him to get inside.

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