Chapter 8 Contracts And Drunk Girls

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Chapter 8 Contracts and Drunk girls

December 21, 2015

My crew and I took a couple of pictures and signed a few autographs. Then the crowd left.

"Okay let's go home. Louis should be there waiting," I said.

"okay let's go," Angel smiled.

"I'll call spencer and tell him that we're going home," Emily said.

"Thank you," I smiled.

"Welcome," She smiled. Then she dialed his number and called him. The workers were taking the stage down. We walked down the beach. Emily in front of us talking.

"Ali," Alex said slowly. He kissed her? Who is she? I think he likes her. I don't care. I mean We are on a deal. I could care less. Yea.

"Ali," Dylan said. I think he likes her. I don't care.

"ALI," Cameron and Angel shouted. I mean We are on a deal. I could care less. Yea.

"ALISON," They said shaking me. I stopped walking and looked at them.

"You okay," Alex asked. Am I okay?

"Yea. I'm fine," I smiled.

"You looked pretty heartbroken. After that kiss. You sure," Angel asked. I smiled.

"Yea. I'm fine. Besides we did make deal," I said.

"What deal?" Dylan asked.

"We act like a couple in front of family. Then we are strangers, or friends. We can date anyone we like. Just not in front of family," I smiled.

"So all those times he pretended to care in front of us," Angel said.

"It was an act," I smiled.

"Why would you agree to that deal?" Alex asked.

"I agreed because it's something he wanted," I said.

"Oh Ali," Cam said sadly. They hugged me.

"Let's get going. Louis is waiting," I said. We kept on walking.

"FUCKING FINE THEN STAY THERE," Emily shouted and hung up.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Emily walked over and hugged me.

"Uh Em. You okay," I asked cautiously.

"Spencer will be home tomorrow. He's uhh. Staying over at that girl's hotel room for today," Emily said looking down. I smiled.

"It's fine. He can do whatever," I said and walked to up the stairs. I opened the back door and walked in. The rest were behind me. We saw Louis sitting on the sofa.

"Alison. Sit. Let's get talking," Louis said. I nodded. We all sat down.

"Hey Louis. This is Emily, Angel, Alex, Dylan, and Cameron," I said.

"Nice to meet you," He said shaking their hands.

"Also Cameron is married to Angel," I said.

"Yea he filled me in on that. As long as the public doesn't find out that you two are married. We will be fine. Let them think your dating but not married. Same for you Alison," He said.

"How did you," I asked.

"Cameron told me. Your Married to Spencer Sinclair. Am I right?" He asked.

"Yea, but again. The public can't find out about it. So On stage and to the public. I'm single and My name is Alison Walker otherwise known as Aliyah Walker," I said.

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