Chapter 21

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(Nate's P.O.V)

Anna kisses my cheek than walks to her room. I stand there holding my cheek smiling like an idiot, after a few minuets I walk to my room to try and get some sleep. I change into my pajamas and go on my laptop till I feel sleepy. I should recorded something for my YouTube, "I am doing it now." I say to my self.  Luck my room has these things on the wall that make it so people can't hear my music in the other room. First I have to think of a song, I want it to be a parody. I sit at my desk and start thinking of ideas. After like three hours I finally got something, it's a Pokemon parody with the song payphone. I turn on the light and change in to a different shirt. I mean all they will see is my shirt so who cares. I sit down and get ready, I play the music and start recording.(play the song) After I get done I stop the recording and start editing it. I get done about two or three hours later and upload it. I turn off my computer and look up at my bed and see Anna sitting there. "How long have you been there?" I ask standing up. "Since you started singing." she says. "You heard me?" I ask. "Yeah, just next time close the door." She says. "Oh yeah, forgot about that." I say walking to my bed. "You sounded good." she says getting up. "Thanks, I should get some sleep finally tired." I say standing next to her. "Okay night Nate." She says then starts to walks out. "No you have to stay here now." I says then grab her hand. "Nate I have to get some sleep." She says. I wrap my arms around her and fall back on to me bed, I look at her and smile. "You can sleep here." I say. She shakes her head then lays it on my chest, "You lucky I love you." she mumbles then falls asleep. I smile then fall sleep still in my normal shirt but who cares I am to lazy to change it. 

I wake up and see Anna still laying next to me, she opens her eyes and looks at me. "Hey Nate." She says. "Morning." I say. "What time is it?" She asks. "Um 6:23" I say. "okay, I have to get ready for school." She says getting up. "Yeah me to." I say getting off my bed. "See you in a bit." She says then starts to walk out.  "Okay, Love you." I say with out thinking. "Love you to." She says then walks to her room. I feel my cheeks start to warm up and I go get dressed, I put on some jeans and a light gray shirt. I grab my glasses and backpack and walk to the living room. I sit down and wait for Anna, I look out the window the sky is so dark. Anna walks in and looks out the window. "Ready to go?" I ask her. "Yeah." she says then walks out. After 30 minuets we get to school and Arianna and Anna go to the library, and I stay here with Mark. "Hey Nate?" Mark says. "What's up." I say looking at him. "Do you like Anna?" He asks me. "Well yeah.." I say scratching the back of my neck. "Aww. You should ask her out." He says pushing my shoulder. "I don't know." I say. "No! you have to after school." he says. "Okay after school." I say looking at him. The bell rings and I walk to class, after a few minuets Anna walks in and sits next to me. "Hey Nate." She says. "H-Hey Anna." I say. I am so nervous for after school right now, I look at her and she smiles at me. My cheeks warm up and I put my head on the desk and put my hood on. The day was boring but it went by fast and it started raining during 7th. Anna and me go meet Mark and Arianna by the front of the school.

 When we get there Arianna and Anna talk and Mark just gives me a nod. "Come on Anna." I say walking. "Okay bye guys." She says waving to Mark and Arianna. We keep walking, I am to nervous to ask her. "hey Nate something bugging?" She asks me. "N-nothing why?" I say fixing my hood to keep the rain out of my face. "Because all day you have been different." She says then stops walking. I stop walking and stand in front of her, "You really want to know." I say. "Yes please." she says fixing her hood to keep the rain out. I step closer to her and grab her hand, our faces being inches apart now. I place my lips on hers and kiss her, she kiss me back. Time felt like it stopped and I could hear my heart beating and the rain falling. This moment was perfect I could feel our love to each other. I pull back and rest my forehead on hers and she looks at me. "Anna I really do love you a lot. Will you be my g-girlfriend?" I ask her. "I would love to" She says smiling. I smile and kiss her again, she kisses back. She pulls back and hugs me and I hug her back. I hold her hand and we start walking back home, when we get home we sit on the couch and watch T.V till 10:30. "I am going to sleep night Nate." She says getting up. "Yeah same here." I say standing up. "Night, love you." She says then kisses my cheek. "Love you to." I say then kiss her forehead. She smiles then walks to her room, and I walk to mine. I change in to my pajamas and lay down. I am so happy I finally have the girl I love.......


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