"So, you know Leati Anoa'i is going to be there at the benefit tonight?", John asks me as we make our way to the elevator to head down to our waiting limo.

"No I didn't know he was coming but thanks for the heads up. Oh quit looking at me like a sad puppy dog John, we are too much alike you know our relationship was doomed from the start."

"You're just to stubborn to give anyone not Roman Reigns a chance, because you have your mind set that he's the one. I just wish you'd have given us more of a chance, I'm really not looking forward to the looks you get tonight dressed like that," he pointed out as I slid into the car and he followed, as we made our way to downtown San Antonio for the event at the Towers of America.

I was in no mood to argue, so I pulled out my cell and text Kylie what John had just told me, and she sent me back a message that read:

Well isn't that lucky for you, maybe now you can tell him all about your crush on him.

I slammed my phone down on the seat next to me and John just gave me an odd look but kept his mouth shut, he knew I was in a mood and not wanting to discuss anything. Yes, I've had a crush on Leati for some time now, no I haven't told him, and yes I'm a chicken and have cold feet. I'm 26 years old, he's part of a legendary family of wrestlers, I feel like a nobody next to him even though I know I'm not. Ugh, being me sucks sometimes because it'd be a lot easier if I still lived at home on the farm and all the corn feed country boys were fighting for my affection. Them I can deal with, but a 6'3" Samoan has me shaking, and he doesn't even acknowledge I exist.

Once we get to our destination I make myself into the perfect date and plaster a smile on my face as we walk a pink carpet to the entrance of the restaurant and head in, flashing lights and cameras everywhere. Inside I'm handed a glass of champagne and we make our rounds around the room, as John talks to different benefactors, in hopes they'll contribute their money to the cause, during the auction. I catch a glimpse of Randy with his wife Samantha and Ric Flair with some hot 30 something year old blond on his arm, and I excuse myself to go talk to them while John schmoozes with his adoring fan base of millionaires.

"Esmeralda you look amazing tonight as always my dear," Ric says as we hug and he kisses my cheek and introduces me to the flavor of the night, Mindy. Poor girl has no idea she'll be gone in a month's time and he'll be living it up with some new ditz.

"I learned from the best Ric, and it stuck it seems. Hello Randy and Samantha, you two look absolutely amazing as always," I tell Randy as his wife beams proudly, having no idea he's screwing around on her with one of the new NXT divas, but that's her loss.

I mingle alone around the room, and find myself along the windows staring out into the lights of the city, and get lost in them until a movement to my right distracts me and i turn to see Leati. He's undeniably gorgeous in his fitted dark gray suit, white dress shirt and pink tie, his long hair pulled into a ponytail and laying down his back. The scent of his cologne catches my nose, and immediately I know the brand as Ed Hardy Born Wild, I wear the same one for women for special occasions. I feel my mouth go dry and I sip my champagne to try and rid myself of it, but he's standing right next to me almost, I could put my hand out halfway and it'd touch him, but I don't. Instead I turn to leave and make my way back to John, when I feel his hand on my wrist and I stop, as I turn to look at him and immediately drown in his blue-grey eyes.

"So ape boy Cena is your date tonight I hear. When are you going to move on from him to something better Esmeralda, especially since you have better options?" he asks be as I look at him in disbelief and wonder who the hell my better options are.

"Last I checked Leati, no one was breaking down doors trying to get my number much less talk to me, so exactly who's the better option? I'm not with John, we're friends and I'm free to do as I please, or have you heard differently?"

"John has it quite well known and understood in the locker room you're off the market, but I'm glad to see that's not true. I'd like to get to know you better, if you're willing? Dance with me Esmeralda," he asked me as I gave him my hand and followed him to the dance floor.

I thanked my mama for making me take formal dancing lessons as a teenager, as Leati waltzed us around the dance floor effortlessly, he'd obviously had lessons or was a natural at this. His large hand fit the small of my back perfectly as I got lost in the music and smiled up at him, oblivious to the evil looks John was throwing our way in disapproval. Once the song was over he led me to John and kissed my hand in a gentlemanly manner, as we took our seats and the auction began, though I felt like my back burned still from his touch and I could picture his face smiling down at mine clearly.

Once we were finished I realized John was silent on the way home and texting rapidly away on his iPhone, so I left him alone and noticed I had a message from Leati on my own phone:

I enjoyed our dance tonight. I'm gonna be gone from raw this week, but when I get back from Florida I'd like to have dinner, if that's okay?

I immediately text him back that I'd love to have dinner, and I'm sure I'm wearing the biggest shit eating grin ever as I send the message to him, but who cares this is my dream come true. When we get back to the hotel I head up to my room as John stays downstairs and barely says a word to me, and take off my dress and put it back in its bag for another day. I wash my skin of the pound of makeup I feel is on it, take my hair down and change into my shorts and tank top for bed. Tomorrow is Raw at the AT&T Center and I'm main eventing against Kaitlyn for a chance at number one contender for AJ's belt finally, so I need my rest. I fall asleep with dreams of Leati in my head, and I know tomorrow is a new day and a new adventure in my life.

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