Chapter 11 | The Prey

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*warning may be mature for some viewers.**

Hey guys! So here you are, as promised :) I was really unsure about this... You'll probably see why after you read it, so I'd love to see what you guys think, kinda keep me going in the right direction. LOL Anyways, Thank you again for being so supportive - You guys blow me away daily <3

Emma watches aimlessly as Killian sorts through his belongings, which mostly consists of things that fire, blow, or pump you full of lead..coincidentally.

Strapping his concealed weapon into place, and packing him ammunition, His eyes wander over to her sitting idle on her couch while he grabs for his leather jacket.

She's the one sending him away, but she can't shake the nasty feeling stirring within her that he's abandoning her just like everyone else in her life had.
"So..." "where you uh, planning on heading to?" Emma casually asks, before immediately shaking herself inwardly when she realizes she's dragging this out way longer than necessary.

"Don't worry about me, lass" Killian mumbles with an easy smirk that doesn't quiet reach his eyes. "I'm a survivor, I know how to take care of myself. That's all you need to know."

His eyes flicker as he adjusts the lapels of his jacket, before reaching into his Jean pocket and taking out a considerable amount of money from his wallet.
He extends his arm towards her, holding the green bills out for her to take; Momentarily causing their fingers to brush together.
It sends a jolt through her system like a live wire of electricity sparking through her. Her eyes practically glowing.
The blue depths of the Ocean meets the Enticing Forest of green when His eyes lock on, and never leave, the yearning windows to her soul during the course of his brief goodbye.

But much quicker than it all began, it's over. And he's gone.
The door softly clicking behind him.

Emma's left standing in the middle of the motel room, alone. And what's worse - lonely.

Bowing her head, her blonde hair cascades off her shoulders as she covers her eyes with her hands before quickly removing then and lightly slapping them on her denim thighs after taking a deep breath. I got this. She tells herself.

She spends the next hour packing her belongings and loading them into her car, once her things are stripped from the motel and the room that still lingers with his presence.... She decides to take advantage of the amenities also an evil master plan to get her mind off things, by going for a quick dip in the Pool, followed by a relaxing HOT shower, and lastly... some TV before she has to hit the road by noon.

Clambering out of the steaming shower she spots His plain white tee, hanging on a hook on the inside of the bathroom door.
After getting dressed and ready for the day she makes a point by shoving his shirt into a plastic bag and takes it, along with the many soup cans out to the dumpster; Carelessly tossing it in hopefully along with any stray feels.

They had only spent a week together - she is fine on her own.

And yet, when she hears a knock vibrating through the oak door to their room she runs - nearly tripping over her own feet, before swinging the door open, unable to keep the genuine smile that stretches her lips at bay, until she realizes that it's infact, not Killian standing there.


It's the cop.

And not just any cop or law enforcer, but Thee cop that haunts her dreams, and consumes her memories - And dear god not in the good way.

As soon as she cracks the door open he barges into the small room, pushing past her and kicking the door shut behind him. Immediately crowding her against it; she's smothered by his suffocating smell, and his weight as he shoves her back against the door. All her alarm bells and sirens screaming to get out, get away now!

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