Bora, Bora

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Happy New Year!! Hope this year will be better than last year!

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Narrator's POV

"What?" Danielle heard Sergio mumble.

She looked over her shoulder and saw that he was still asleep. He had been talking in his sleep. It scared Danielle shitless to think that he heard what she was too afraid to say to him. Danielle laid there think about everything that has been going on in her life for the last year.

It was crazy to her how on her birthday last year, she was going everything for everyone else but herself. Now this year, she had an amazing guy doing everything he can to make her feel special, not to mention she was actually getting along with her sister. Danielle would have never thought that her and Amber would ever be remotely cool with her. That, to Danielle was more than proof that there was a God or something out there.

Danielle tried to drift off to sleep just like the other passengers on the private jet but the scary thoughts of her future after the divorce and how she was going to prove for her children. She got up from were she was laying down and grabbed her laptop. She put a blanket and headphones in and watched, 'As Told By Ginger' a cartoon she use to watch when she was 13 that has gotten to love watching, until she fell asleep.

After a couple of hours, the plane started to descend and the flight attendant woke Cristiano up to tell him that the plane was about to land. Cristiano woke everyone and got ready to surprise the girls.

"So girls, by looking out of the window can you guess were we are?" he asked them.

"Hawaii," Amber screamed.

"Jamaica!" Danielle.

Cristiano shook his head, "We are in Bora Bora!"

The girls screamed and were ready to go, they made sure they had all of their bags and headed off to the hotel. As soon as they got to the hotel, which was a private villa on the water, they changed into something nice and began to go on an adventure to find a nice place to eat since it was getting dark outside. They found a nice little restaurant near their villa to eat at.

After dinner Amber really wanted to walk on the beach with just Danielle, so the boy left the girls alone to walk and talk.

"So, we are 27 now. How crazy is that?" Amber said looking out at the ocean.

"Honestly fucking scary," Danielle laughed. "We are getting old!"

"Yeah, but I mean back when we were 17 we hated each other. Now ten years later we are so close!"

"I know its crazy! You're pregnant with an amazing husband and I am getting divorced with two kids that are going to hate me," Danielle sitting down in the sand.

"What? They aren't going to hate you! All you have to do is explain to them the situation, constantly talk to them don't hide anything because keeping secrets and lying will make them hate you," Amber said flopping down beside Danielle.

"I just don't know what to do, I want to change my life. I want...I want you have. I want a man that loves and cares for me, a great career, and my kids. With Ethan, I had to make sacrifices and I settled because I thought we had something real. Now, the divorce is just about final. Then, I have to fight him on custody with the kids. It just too much!" Danielle said as tears formed in her eyes.

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