Don't turn around

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(Y/N)'s POV
It was a normal day I woke up I dressed in my (F/C) t-shirt and my (F/C) pants with my favorite shoes and started on my way to school. But when I was walking on my usual route to (F/N)'s house so we could walk to school together I heard a rustle in the trees next to me. Oh! Did I mention that I live next to a forest yeah. I figured it was just the wind so I shrugged it off and continued so enough I heard it again


I called out

"anyone there...."

I didn't get to finish my sentence before I was plowed over by a boy whom was wearing a white mask with black eyes and lips his jacket was a yellowish orange and his hair from what I could see was black. ( (Don't you dare comment "his hair is brown!" I'm the writer and am writing it as i see it and I'm sick of seeing the comment! I've tried to be nice and keep my patience about this matter but am tired of seeing the comments. hope you understand. ))  As soon as he had tackled me he had gotten off me and ran back into the forest.

"Hey!!!! Wait!"

I yelled running after him which considering the disappearances in this forest recently probably wasn't such a good Idea, but I did anyways. I had lost all sight of him after about five minutes so I turned around about to head back then I realized I was lost. So I made an attempt to find my way out which only led me deeper into the forest. I pulled out my (f/c) cell phone and made an attempt to call my friend maybe they can help me


they said

"yeah it's me"

"where are you?!"

 "I'm well I was tackled by a boy who ran into the forest..."

"Please do not tell me you followed them into that forest!!"

they interrupted I went silent for a minute.

"oh my god you did didn't you?!"

 "yeah can you come get me I'm by a red silo"

they went silent

"(y/n) you know that game we played when I spent the night at your house?"

"Yeah..Slender right?"

"Yeah...that game has a red silo did you run past an old pickup truck?"

"come to think of it yeah I did why?"

 "(y/n) I didn't tell you this but for the past five minutes your phone's been giving off static on my end along with your talking I can't come get you but try and get out and whatever you do DON'T TURN AROUND!!!!"


I said hanging up and I started my search for the way I came in after what must have been five or more hours I gave up sitting under one of the many tree's I went to check my phone but when I went to turn it on it wouldn't revealing that it had died hours ago


I muttered under my breath that's when I heard a noise I got up and disregarding what my friend had told me I turned around... 

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