Chapter 5 : Panic

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The expectant look on Rafe's face as I headed downstairs, told me I'd missed something. He was dressed as if he was going out somewhere, and gave me an odd look as he evaluated my soaking wet hair.

I cocked my head in confusion as I took in his brand new walking boots and beige cargo trousers.

'You going out?' I asked quietly, a sudden image of an empty house and a day of TV sounded like bliss.

'No. We are going out,'

'What?' I practically squeaked at him. His face slowly grew into a deep frown.

Once again my lack of concentration and my impending breakdown had blocked out a whole conversation. Wow. I'm losing my mind. Apparently Rafe had told me that we were going out when he'd brought my breakfast, I stared at him in disbelief for the best part of a minute. The relaxation that the soothing fiery shower had washed over me evaporated as fast as it had arrived.

I can't go wandering round when my face was plastered all over the TV! Panic and fear rose manically through me, the feeling of being so openly exposed to the world so soon seemed utterly ridiculous.

What is so important? There's no need to go anywhere! Spat the little voice.

'Please Sofia, it's for your own benefit. There's someone who can help you,' he said meekly. I could feel how shocked he was that I been so infuriated.

I just looked at him, anger coursed painfully within me. Such a sudden burst of emotions made me feel so unbalanced. Everything was moving too fast, but did I really have no another choice?

'Fine,' I retorted sharply.

'Give me ten minutes and I'll be round the front of the house in my car waiting.'

On that note, he brushed past me, leaving a scent of man and some expensive perfume. Seconds later, I heard the light click of the front door.

Something inside me jolted, and I raced back to my room.

Slamming the door behind me couldn't ease the panic that once again began to grip my insides. It felt as though my heart was ten times bigger, and the fierce pounding was causing everything else to ricochet against each other. I paced trying to slow everything down, getting hysterical now would do no good.

I took a comb and tamed my wild damp hair into a clip, that I'd dug out from the bottom of my handbag. It was amazing the things that you find when your not looking for them.

I stopped in front of the mirror, surveying my slight improvements.

At least I don't look like a tramp now.

In the shower I'd noticed the tiniest cut at the top of my cheek, after a good scrub in the shower it was barely visible. But that cut signified something so important.

It proved I was human. Whatever else I could do was just an added extra, like having super sensitive hearing or being able to see in the dark.

Yeah, right.

As much as I wanted help, I didn't understand what was wrong with me, and everything seemed to be moving so fast. Only two days ago I'd saved people's lives in an act that I couldn't even name or explain.

What if he's setting you up? This could all be a scam, and then you end up in a lab somewhere?

Even though the voice only spoke up when I least needed it to, it always had the best argument. Every ounce of my body wanted to run, but the fact that I had nowhere to go stopped me dead.

At that moment I knew one thing.

I had to trust Rafe. I just had to.



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