Chapter 5 (Love, Sex and Magic) Part 2

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Finishing up the last couple of preparations for the party, Ino dimmed the lights, allowing the neon lights to flash around. Only a small number of people were here and those few were either talking or swaying to the present song that was on.

Ino was so excited that Sasuke was coming to her party. She’s had about a dozen of these and Sasuke came to only one and that one he left early. Giving her song suggestions to the DJ she heard someone calling her.

“Ino Pig.”

Ino turned away from the DJ and saw her old friend Sakura. She was dressed in a simple strapless black number.

“Billboard brow?”

“Don’t be too happy Sasuke is coming. He asked the new girl Analia Okaze to come with him.” Sakura said frowning rolling her eyes.

What? Sasuke asked a girl to come to her party? And the new girl at that. Ino didn’t know what was so remarkable about her. She had to admit she was okay-looking, if you were into the exotic girls. But for Sasuke to even be interested in her? Nope, she doesn’t believe he’s really into her, Ino bets it’s some bribe she’s using so that she can get some attention. Or offering him sex. Either of which Sasuke doesn’t really like her.

 But no one was going to come to her party and make Ino look like an idiot.

“Oh well. I’m still going to get Sasuke to dance with me,” she said to Sakura who was looking at Naruto who was admiring all of her booze. Even Ino had to admit that he could clean up nice. But with all of the liquor she had she knew it was inevitable for Naruto not being sober. And that was always the highlight of the night. But what she had planned for Sasuke’s “date”, that will be the highlight of the night and Sasuke won’t pay anymore attention to Analia Okaze. That’s for sure.

“So am I.”

“But what about Naruto, isn’t he your date?” Ino asked.

“He was just to make Sasuke jealous.” Sakura whispered to Ino.

“You girls are so wrong.” Shikamaru commented. “Try not to start too much, from what Naruto told me she can kick ass. We can not have Gai stopping the party again.”

The three of them shivered. That’s true, that wasn’t a good night, and then her parents found out about it, and she was grounded for two months. “Oh don’t tell me you’re into her too.” Sakura questioned pointing at Ino’s teammate.

Shika rolled his eyes, “What a drag, I’m just saying as much as all of us guys would like to see a bunch of girls fighting it out. I really don’t want to get into it with my parents. Sheesh she’s new. Leave her alone.”

Yeah, yeah whatever she didn’t want some Analia to come into their village and steal her Sasuke.

 “Naruto try to stay sober until the party actually starts,” she laughed as he came up to them bottle of Grey Goose in his hands.

“What are you talking about? The party has started!” and he had a few people yelling holding up their drinks in agreement with him.

This was going to be one hell of a night.


            Analia and Sasuke came up to who she was guessing was Ino’s house. The walk there was pretty silent with just a few shy glances from both of them. She now knew that Hinata was a miracle worker.

And because of her miracle ways, she took joy in seeing Sasuke drool over her. Hinata was one of the kindest people she had met. How she knew that Lia would need clothes, and then brought her one of the hottest outfits she has ever worn Lia has no clue. And even Hinata herself looked great. Getting Naruto to notice her will be a piece of cake tonight.

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