Part Seventeen

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Yeah, well.

I'm tiered of being away from Nico. I'm gonna come back to him now.


Backtracking down the alley wasn't easy for him. He was already sick to the stomach at every breath of cool night air that he took. Walking at a quick silent pace, he didn't dare stop to look up and check if anyone was lurking across the flat roofs. He simply prayed to Hades that no one was there, relying solely on his hearing. The slightest sounds made him stop dead on his tracks, which was a problem since he was walking along with another, taller death boy.

"Let's get out of this place," Nico whispered finally, stirring Walt to the right, towards a break-away alley that seemed wider. Walt didn't resist and moved along, looking solemn with the moonlight glistening against his skin.

A lonesome and rusty street light lit the red-bricked walls of this alley.  Nico scurried quietly past the pool of light it cast on the ground. Was it his imagination, or was that the sound of metal creaking? He stopped, and sensed that Walt had nearly strode right in to him. Turning around to apologize, or say his first word in a while, Nico shut his mouth before he uttered a thing. Another sound of creaking metal.

His eyes darted around the alley, searching for a moving target. He numbly felt Walt place a cupped hand on his shoulder, possibly to reassure him, he couldn't tell. His felt like someone was inserting Procaine in to his sensational mechanism, benumbing it.

He crept his eyes up the wall and focused them there. A moment later, he bolted out of the light, down the side alley, a slightly bewildered Walt sprinting after him. Someone had been climbing down the metal ladder levels that were nailed in to the wall of the alley.

Vaguely, as he ran, Nico thought he could hear a far-off voice shouting "Wait!".


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