Good Vibrations- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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"Don’t even fucking start with me now, Y/N," Harry hissed, eyes narrowed as he threw a pair of jeans into the open suitcase.

I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose with exasperation, “You always do this! I say one little thing and you blow it out of proportion!"

His jaw flexed, the vein on his neck throbbing with annoyance, “I believe that if I was to accuse you of cheating, you would react similarly."

I balled up the bikini in my hands, tossing it into the suitcase alongside his collection of jeans, “I didn’t." I replied, attempting to keep my voice quiet and level, unsure as to how he would react. I was fully aware that packing was a stress factor yet somehow I had decided it was a good idea to bring up my discomfort associated with him hanging out with girls alone. Maybe I just wasn’t used to the attention that our relationship had brought me but my heart sank every time my phone alerted me with a tweet from the Daily Mail, scandalously suggesting that Harry had cheated on me. I trusted him, but I wasn’t one to hold anything in.

He sighed, running a hand through his already dishevelled curls before storming out of the room, slamming the door to the bedroom behind him.

I returned my attention to the messily packed suitcase in front of me, hoping that he would have calmed down by the morning.



He poked his head around the bathroom door, the cheeky grin that made millions of girls love him plastered on his face, a complete contrast to the tense night before, “Yes, Y/N?"

"Can you pass me my underwear?"

Something flickered across his face momentarily before he left, leaving me in my towel to brush my teeth, constantly checking the time as to not be late for the plane, knowing full well that the boys would tease us mercilessly if we held them up; more likely than not to associate the lateness with some sort of sexual act.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist as Harry kissed the top of my head, placing a set of matching lace underwear on the bathroom counter, “I bought these for you. I’m sorry about last night."

Nuzzling against me, I couldn’t help but smile, pecking him lightly on the cheek before hastily wriggling out of his grip, the fear of what his wandering fingers could do to me making me increasingly more aware of the time.

Wriggling into the underwear, I couldn’t help but notice the beautifully lined knickers, still smiling at the return of Harry’s typically attentive nature; the night before unlike how he normally was.

"Babe, we really need to go!" He shouted from downstairs and slipping into my jeans, I grabbed my bag and ran down to where he was standing by the cab, a cheeky smirk still on his face.


As soon as we saw the boys hovering around the boarding gate, I gave them all warm hugs before following them onto the private plane; a definite bonus of their obscene fame.

Strapping myself in, I leant against Harry, jumping in my seat as I felt a buzzing between my legs. I sat up, looking at Harry closely yet he was still engaged in what appeared to be a rather intense conversation with Niall, showing no notice of what was currently happening.

The vibrations got stronger and I shifted inconspicuously, pressing my thighs together as I attempted to distract myself from the growing amount of pressure against my clit.

Noticing Harry click something on a device in his hand, I grabbed onto his arm, gripping tightly to try and get him to stop but he completely ignored me. 

The little bastard had bought me vibrating underwear.

"So Y/N, you excited? I hear they have some wicked diving!" Louis gushed and I turned from Harry to look at the beaming brunette.

I forced a smile, mentally trying to distract myself, “It should be gre-" 

My words died in my throat as the vibrations intensified further, quickly feigning a cough, I took a deep breath and attempted to answer him, only to have a whimper slip from my lips as I felt an increasing wetness between my legs.

I could see Harry smirk from the corner of my eye as I fought to compose myself, “It should be great."

Louis nodded and thankfully started chattering away to Zayn, leaving me alone. The conversation between Niall and Harry lulled and I took the opportunity to elbow him in the side, glaring at him, “Turn it off." I hissed, my voice low enough so only he could hear.

His green eyes widened innocently, “Turn what off?"

"You know what I mean!"

He shrugged, “I’m not sure I do."

His hand moved in his pocket, and I felt my eyelids flutter shut of their own accord, the waves of pleasure starting to course throughout my body.

"Y/N, you alright?" Liam asked, his voice laced with concern as I looked at him under heavy lidded eyes. 

I was furious with Harry for placing me in this situation but I couldn’t deny the effect that the prospect of getting caught was having upon me, the adrenaline making my clit throb painfully against the vibrating knickers.

"She’s just tired." Harry answered, his voice smooth and with an element of lust, him not being completely immune to my obviously flustered state.

I nodded at Liam before crossing my legs, pressing my thighs together as to try and provide me with some release. I knew that neither Harry nor I would live it down if anything happened on this flight but I craved release. I knew from experience that my cheeks and chest were probably flushed and all the blood pooling between my legs was making me feel slightly dizzy, my heart hammering in its chest erratically.

Harry chuckled next to me, lowering his mouth down to my ear before whispering, “Are you ready to come?"

I shook my head, “Please just stop. Don’t make me." But the waver in my voice showed that both of us knew I was desperate. Had the boys not been sitting around me, I would have been begging Harry to fuck me senseless, the thought alone nearly convincing me to shove my fingers down my jeans and finish myself off, yet I resisted.

"Say please and I’ll let you come," he murmured, his voice low and husky.

I shook my head yet again, but the stubborn streak in Harry was obviously dominant to the potential embarrassment of his girlfriend as he pressed something in his pocket, my breath catching in my throat as my legs tightened, sparks of pleasure shooting out along the muscle.

He wrapped his arm around me, pulling my face against his chest as I came, his t-shirt muffling any small cries or whimpers slipping from my lips as waves of euphoria washed through my body.

"So what d’ya say, Y/N? You coming?" Niall asked, and I turned to look at him, my face still flushed from the orgasm.

Feeling Harry chuckle against me, he replied, “Oh she’s coming alright."

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