Chapter 22

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"Caroline." A voice cooed softly into my ear. I groaned and turned around, but stopped once I felt I was on a hard surface. I opened my eyes and slowly sat up, looking around. I was on the floor of an unfamiliar place. I started to panic, not sure where I was. I snapped my head around at the touch of someone's hand on my shoulder, but calmed down once I saw Liam. "Caroline, we're leaving." Liam said.

That's when I remembered, I was at the hospital. I must have fallen asleep once I finished talking to Harry. I looked back up at Liam and nodded. "All of you? Including Jake?"

Liam shook his head. "No, Jake's still going to be here. We just wanted to say goodbye."

I stood up and saw all the boys, except Harry of course, in coats and ready to leave. "Well, bye." I let out softly, giving Liam a hug. I moved on to Zayn who gave a warm smile.

"Bye Caroline, congratulations on facing your fear." Zayn said, embracing me.

I smiled. "Thanks." I moved on to Louis who gave a bright smile and engulfed me into a bear hug. Myy eyes widened as I couldn't move, but I kept my smile. "Wow, someone's a hugger." I joked once he relaesed me.

"Yep, I'm glad you came, it means a lot to Harry." Louis told me.

I finally made it to the last person, Niall. "Hello Blondie." I greeted him, crossing my arms.

He chuckled. "Hey Scaredy Cat."

"You can't call me that anymore, I faced my fear."

"Oh, I'll still call you that, trust me. Scaredy Cat." He repated, making me roll my eyes. We both gave slight smiles to each other before finally hugging. "See ya later."

I nodded. "Yeah, see ya later." I said.

Once Niall released, I watched the boys leave. As soon as they were out of sight, I slowly opened Harry's door to find him watching tv. Once he saw me he turned it off and smiled.

"Hey Caroline." He greeted, sitting up.

I smiled and walked all the way in, closing the door behind me. "Hey."

Harry furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you still doing here, it's almost 11:00."

I shrugged and sat down on the chair beside his bed. "I don't know, I fell asleep and just now woke up. Jake's still here too, so I'm not the only one." I explained.

Harry nodded. "So, what did you come in here for?" He asked.

I shrugged again, not really sure. "I guess I was just bored, I mean, the boys left so..." I trailed off, my eyes moving to the floor.

"You know Caroline, I really wish you would admit your feelings." Harry said softly. I groaned that he was bringing it up again.

"Harry, I don't like you, we already went through this!" I snapped, looking back at him.

"But I know you do, and I already told you I like you. I really do! You wanna know how I got in this car crash?" Harry asked, almost yelling. I gulped but slowly nodded. "Because Jake and I got in a fight. And the fight? It was about me not being able to see you!"

I raised my eyebrows, surprised. My brother and my crush were fighting about me? And Jake was telling Harry he couldn't see me? "Really?" I asked softly, staring into his eyes to see if he was telling the truth.

"Yes, really. I was so mad that I wasn't going to be able to see you anymore that...I kind of sped and crashed." Harry finished explaining.

I couldn''t believe it, I was part of the reason Harry got in the car crash. Maybe he really did like me, and maybe...I could say I liked him?

"That's how much I like you. I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to see you. I mean, I never thought you would leave the house just to see me so we couldn't sneak around and that meant..." Harry kept rambling on. My eyes widened at how much he was talking, so I did what I never thought I'd ever do to anyone. I leaned down and kissed his lips, mid sentence.

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