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Just a little teaser before we really begin, hmm?


"Well look at what we have here," he chuckles huskily. "I always wondered when you'd make yourself known and actually come have a chat with me."

                My face flushes with heat. He had noticed me watching him this entire time? Since when? I quickly become even more mortified as he steps off the treadmill and slowly begins to walk towards me.

                His manhood stands, slightly erect, and directly in my line of sight, seeing I have fallen on the ground in my clumsiness. Oh my... I redirect my eyes to his face hastily, but it is not fast enough; he has noticed me staring and now smiles at me cockily.

                "Are you not going to defend yourself, little girl?" he questions, staring at me intensely. My eyes drop to the ground.

                But before I can process what I'm saying, I blurt out: "I'm not a little girl. I'm probably your age!"

                I can feel his amused stare on the top of my head, and my face reddens to an even darker shade. "I'm twenty-six," he says. "What are you, eighteen? That hardly seems the same age."

                "I'm twenty-one!" I reply indignantly, immediately wishing I hadn't told him that.

                "Is that supposed to change anything?" He laughs, causing blood to rush to my cheeks. It is apparently a rhetorical question, because he continues without my response. "I only said that because of how perky your tits seem."

                He laughs more as I, mortified, glance down at my chest; my nipples are painfully aroused, and strikingly visible against my white tank-top.

                "Well, goodnight," he says, finally pulling on a pair of sweatpants, and slinging a towel across his shoulder. "Have fun working all those... kinks out... Gwendolyn." And with a wink and a grin, he's gone.

                Holy fuck.


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