Chapter 10 | A Shattered Girl

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Emma gives Killian one more day.

Then she tells him that tomorrow, he has to go.

"Very well" He says nonchalantly dipping his fries into the ketchup she stole off someones momentarily 'unattended to' platter at Burger King.

"This." He points with a fry in his hand, and a mouthful "Is a bloody miracle from the Gods - These things are amazing." He says with astonishment in between his chewing.

She ignores his fry comment. "That's all you're gonna say? Very well?" She asks

He gives her a one-shouldered shrug, looking at her in a way that makes her think he can see all her little secrets.  "What would you prefer I say?"

"I don't know." she mutters before snatching the last fry.

"Well, I'm not going to beg you to let me stay, if that's what you hoped for" He tells her. His voice quiet, like he's trying to let her down as gently as possible. "I'm quite capable on my own."

"Well I don't want you to stay" She snapped back. Even though that's not entirely true; She wants him gone - But at the same time, she wants him to stay with her.
Getting up quickly she takes the only 'non Styrofoam' plate she possesses to the bathroom sink to rinse it off.

" I still believe we're safer together, but no doubt you've done me a huge favor by looking after me these last couple of days... I apologize for troubling you lass, and burdening you with my loss of Milah... No matter - she will be avenged if I have to die trying."

Emma can't contain herself because she's angry and jealous as hell. "You had love, Killian! You loved Milah, and she loved you. I'm sorry she's gone, I am... But throwing yourself into harms way and tempt death because you want to avenge her is the absolute worst thing you could do to honor her memory. Wouldn't she want you to live on, and try to be Happy? Not pumping people full of lead for a living!"

He looks a bit stunned, taking a deep breath. Before doing a complete three-sixty from how she expected him to react.

His voice, and his blue eyes softening which only Makes emma kick herself, wishing he would just yell at her - or make her mad and upset till she doesn't care if he leaves. That, would make it considerably easier to deal with his departure.

"Emma, I know you've been alone your entire life. All abandoned children share the same look in their eyes, a look that they can never hide no matter how hard they try, and you, my darling, are better at it than most." He explains softly, but Emma shakes her head. The color slowly draining from her features, going white as she shoves past him hard.

"You don't know anything about me!"

"I know enough;" he starts, his voice full of desperation " I know you don't have any friends - the only person you talk to is yourself. And I also know you were quite content with that - But you're not anymore. Because of me..." he finishes, his eyes watching her closely while he  crosses his arms over his chest, giving her a smile.

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